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16 Reasons Why I Should Read The Bible

There are many reasons why you should read the Bible.  Here are 16 to get you going.  (Some of the content in this article originally appeared in “Why Should I Read the Bible?”)

Why Should I Read The Bible?  16 Reasons

  1. You can only be saved through Jesus and the Bible truth
  2. Eternal life is only through Jesus, the Word of God
  3. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit comes by the laying on of hands as described in the Bible. This is how God empowers you daily to overcome and win
  4. Insights in world history, science, parenting, business, self-defense, and other essential areas come through the Bible
  5. God speaks to you when you read the Bible
  6. The Bible helps you identify what is truth and what is false teaching
  7. God convicts us of sin we need to deal with as we read the Bible
  8. You learn who you are in Christ and what you can do from the Bible. You are not limited but unlimited!
  9. Healing and health comes from meditating (thinking deeply on, pondering) the Bible
  10. New insights, business ideas, expansion, and inspiration comes from the Bible
  11. Those who love the Word prosper financially through the Bible as we seek Him and His ways first, all the other stuff comes.
  12. Musical inspiration comes from the Bible
  13. Guidance and direction on how to manage yourself and deal with others is learned through the Bible
  14. The Bible is spiritual food that you must feed on to grow strong, those who don’t feed on it spiritually starve.
  15. Daily Bible readers are strong leaders and world changers who take mediocre and master
  16. People who know the Bible, know how to pray effectively

The Bible is God’s Word to you.  Those who understand the Word of God, better understand the God of the Word.  God is light and in Him is no darkness at all.  Enlighten yourself, let God speak to you through the Bible.

Know Jesus TODAY.

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