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How To Study The Bible More Effectively- 10 Easy Steps

If you want to give any child advice on how to succeed in life, the best thing you can tell them is read as many books as they can.  Reading is a great way to learn, of course we have to be careful what we read.

holy-bibleThe book that has had the most impact on the world for every generation is the Bible, the Word of God.  Those that understand the Bible have a window into the way that God thinks, His plan for people, and why we people fail and why the great faith people in Hebrews chapter 11 succeed.

It’s great to read the Bible on your own, it’s even better to read it with a bit of guidance from someone who knows the Father.  If you want to know God, you must understand His Word.  Below our ten steps to effectively study the Bible.

1) Set aside time each day to read
2) Find a regular quiet place
3) Follow a Bible reading plan
4) Read the Word every day
5) Look at the original languages
6) Understand the context of what you are reading
7) Find other places with similar themes (cross references)
8) Receive the Baptism Of The Holy Spirit
9) Ask the Holy Spirit to teach, lead, and inspire you as you read
10) Share what you are learning with other believers

1) Set aside time each day to read.  You must make time each day.  We recommend you read the Word at the same time every day.  Have a good study Bible for home (Dakes, New Spirit-Filled Life, Thompson Chain Reference).  Also good to have a regular carry Bible that is small and easy to always have with you.

2) Find a regular quiet place  Find a place that you can have peace and quiet.  You don’t want to be interrupted by family or friends as you read, meditate, and pray the Word.

3) Follow a Bible reading plan  Random reading is alright, but it’s much better to use a Bible reading plan.  You can use something like this.

4) Do it every day We eat food every day to feed and fuel our bodies.  We need to read the Word every day to feed and fuel our spirits.  You’ll notice the more you get into the Word, the stronger you will get.  Conversely, the longer you are not feeding your spirit on reading the Bible the weaker you get.  I’ve been weak and I’ve been strong. Strong is better!

5) Look at the original languages The Bible was likely not originally written in your native language, unless you speak Greek or Hebrew.  Using a Strong’s concordance to see the original language is very interesting.  Knowing that the woman who touched Jesus’ garment and was made well, the original Greek is ‘sozo’.  You can see she was made well, complete, healed, made whole.  That really helps us to see what that lady received.  She had faith.

You can see the originally languages through an Interlinear Bible (English, Hebrew, Greek), a Strong’s Concordance, and many other sources.  If you’ve got a computer, applications from Olivetree and Accordance sell the New King James Version of the Bible translation with the Strong’s built in.  Just touch the English word and watch the original word pop up.

6) Understand the context of what you are reading  The Bible can easily be quoted out of context.  One missionary wife once told us, “I ask God not to give me too much and not to give me too little”.  She was quoting Proverbs 30:8,9 which sounds religious if you’re into Dark Ages Mentality, but if you read Proverbs 30:2 you see the context. The author describes himself as “I am more stupid than any man”.  In context, this woman was praying a stupid man’s prayer.  Not good. God wants you to be intelligent and think.

Read around the verse and understand the context of what is being said.  Understanding the context of a passage helps you to see better what was happening and the complete situation.

7) Find other places with similar themes (cross references)  The beauty of the Bible is it’s a number of books written by men and women who were inspired by the Holy Spirit when they wrote (2 Timothy 3:16). When you read the Word, a great way to study is to look up common themes.  If you have an center column cross reference in your Bible you can see related Bible passages there.  The Thompson Chain Reference Bible also has a fascinating topical concordance built in.  The Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge or a good concordance can help you to see God’s take on any topic.

8) Receive the Baptism Of The Holy Spirit  This is the probably the most important part of reading this Bible. Many people read the Bible but don’t always get it, or are just looking for something to criticize.   How about reading the Bible with the author at your side?  The Bible was written down by men and women inspired by the Holy Spirit.  If you have not received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit as the new believers did in Acts 2, do so now.

9) Ask the Holy Spirit to teach, lead, and inspire you as you read  Now that you have been baptized in the Holy Spirit, have Him teach you.  God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Jesus said the Holy Spirit is on the earth to teach us.  Every time you read the Bible, the Holy Spirit will teach you something new.  Even if you read the same place!  Read the Word with the author.  There is no end to the depths and beauty of God and His love for you!

10) Share what you are learning with other believers  As you learn Bible truths, share them with others.  Nothing beats a great Bible study or Life Group.  In addition, share them with people at your strong faith church, talk about what you are learning with your family,  talk about the Word wherever you go.  One thing about God, the more you talk about what He is doing, the more He does.  They more you glorify Him, the more glory you will see in your life.  The more you talk about the miracles you see, the more miracles you will see.

There is nothing that beats a weekly Bible study with other strong faith believers and talking about what God is doing in your life.

The Word of God, the Bible, is the basis for our life as a follower of Jesus. Those who don’t know the Bible do not know God.  The Word is so important that John chapter 1 tells us that Jesus is “the Word of God”.  Revelation also tells us that Jesus is the Word of God in Revelation 19:13.  Jesus is the Word, The Word is Jesus.  Be inspired by the Word today!

Want more of God in your life?  Learn to study the Word of God more effectively.


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