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Do Christians Who Commit Suicide Go To Heaven Or Hell?

When someone asks if a Christian who committed suicide goes to Heaven or hell, this probably indicates they just lost a relative or friend to suicide.  There is the ‘once saved, always saved’ teaching that says once you accept Jesus that no matter what you do, you are going to heaven (check out “Once Saved, Are You Always Saved?” What Does Jesus Say?. Or Can A Christian Lose Salvation?)  However, once you’re married, you’re not always married.  Relationships must be maintained or there is no relationship. It’s the same with knowing God.

Once you are saved, you have to move towards God, otherwise you will automatically move away from Him.  If someone believes in God and confesses Jesus as their Lord according to Romans 10:8,9, they are saved.  They have eternal life.  They are good to go.  But what if they kill themself? 

What About Suicide? Does that condemn them to the hell in the center of the earth for eternal suffering and pain?  The Bible does tell us to take care of our bodies and to keep them holy (not to destroy or kill our bodies).  With this, some believers think that if a Christian kills them self they will go to hell.  This is not true.  It all comes down to whether you know God or not. Whether you’ve received or rejected Him.  Again, Romans 10:8,9 says to confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that God rose Jesus from the dead and you ARE saved.

Suicide hurts everyone It’s certainly sad when a person loses hope and takes their own life. Christian or not.  Some clinicians have said suicide has negative effects on nearly 100 people around the person who killed themself. 

Christians should never kill themselves.  Christians should be close to God so when trouble or discouragement comes, they can run to God.  The Name of the Lord is a high tower and those who run to it are safe (Proverbs 18:10).  But sometimes people get so deep in their emotional despair that they  lose hope.  They want to escape this life because they think things couldn’t be worse. 

Suicide is giving up.  Suicide is cutting off the life God gave you.  Jesus people are taught to be self-less but suicide is selfishness to the extreme.  If you have ever cleaned up after one, that point hits you hard. 

Under NO circumstances should a Christian take their own life. For those who have, whether they go to Heaven or hell will depend on their personal relationship with God and if they accepted Jesus or not.  However, we should not be discouraged for a Christian or a person confessing to be a Christian that commits suicide. They are not automatically sent to hell. There is a chance that we will see them again in Heaven.  In the end, it all comes down to their relationship with God.

If you are considering suicide, please pray this prayer out loud.

Father God, please forgive me for losing hope and considering taking the life You gave me.  I know this is not right.  I am in a spiritual pit now and desperately need Your help.  In the Name of Jesus, demonic spirits of depression, despair, and suicide I rebuke you and command you to be gone from me right NOW!  I will no longer tolerate your attacks and putting negative ideas into my spiritual ears.  Be gone and NEVER return in the Name of Jesus the Messiah.Now, Holy Spirit I pray that you would encourage and protect me.  Surround me with your unfathomable love.  I know I was born with a purpose and I pray that you reveal that to me.  I know that Your word says that as I seek you I will find you.  Today I find you and will set you.. 

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