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Does Sprinkling With Water Qualify As Christian Baptism?

The Bible defines religion as the traditions of men in Colossians 2:8. Tradition is a powerful thing that influencing the thinking of people. People make decisions based on their traditions for dress, food, and culture that can positively or negatively impact their families, their communities, and of course their nation.

One tradition that we see in churches around the world is this tradition of sprinkling. The exact origin of having someone come forward for a dedication of some sort and have a religious leader sprinkle water on them as a ‘baptism’ seems to come mostly from the Catholic religion (see 8 things about the Roman Catholic Church here . That concept has been picked up by a few other churches, but is it Biblical?

Total Immersion

In Matthew 3:13-17, Jesus Christ comes to John the Baptist. John the Baptist is considered the greatest prophet before Jesus (Luke 7:28). Yet, before Jesus begins His ministry to mankind, He goes to the Jordan River to be baptized by John. John is known as John the Baptist, with Baptist being a word taken from a foreign language and adopted into English. History tells us that John was also called John The Immerser. Why? Baptism is total immersion.

When John saw the Messiah come to the Jordan and ask to be baptized he refused at first. Yet, Jesus insisted because baptism represents the total immersion of our old self is a spirit baptism. You are throwing away the old you and taking on the new you that is connected to God and the power of His Holy Spirt. When Jesus was baptized the power of the Holy Spirit descended on Him. It looked like a fluttering bird as Matthew 3:16 describes it.

Sprinkling water on anyone by a person in religious garb is no substitute for total immersion, baptism in water. There is no place in the Bible where sprinkling was established. In fact, after the first Christians were baptized in the Holy Spirit (more about that HERE), Peter was empowered by God through the Holy Spirit and gave a message in Acts 2:14-36 calling people in Jerusalem to turn to God. Many responded, What shall we do? Peter’s response was believe in Jesus and be baptized (totally immersed) in Acts 2:38.

The Bible only preaches one time of baptism, that is the total immersion in water. There is no sprinkling.

If you have received the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ on your behalf, then you need to be baptized. Get believers to dunk you in water as the Bible commands. Then find yourself a Holy Spirit filled church, that teaches the uncompromised Word of God. With one word from God, you will never be the same again.

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