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How Must Christians Vote In The Upcoming Elections?

If you live in a democratic republic, like many nations around the world, the good news is you have a choice on who becomes the leaders of your country. Christians are charged in the Bible to pray for our leaders, to pray for our nations, and prosperity of our fellow citizens as we seek the Almighty God (1 Timothy 2:1-2, 1 Peter 2:17, Romans 13:1, Jeremiah 29:7, 2 Chronicles 7:14).

Voting protects your freedom as Christians

Democratic republics, or democracies, ideally give the people a choice over who they put in leadership. Regardless of the set up of a nation’s government, most people see multiple political parties. These parties have a political ‘platform’ that confirms the beliefs of those groups. In every nation, there is at least one party that will do everything to work against God and His Kingdom.

The responsibility of Christians is to vote with the church in mind. Again, we must vote with the church of Jesus Christ in mind. Political parties that support our freedom to worship and serve the Almighty God are the parties we want in office. Christians want parties that help make promotion of the Gospel easier not more difficult. Our first allegiance is to God and His church. Those that work against God and His church here on earth, should be kept out of office.

In the United States of America, like every country, there is one party that is constantly working against God’s Kingdom. Who are they, what do they believe, and how have they worked against the Kingdom of God?

  • One party is quick to silence Christians.
  • One party spoke against the abolition of slavery.
  • One party that stops prayer in schools.
  • One party that wants to remove God from their political platform.
  • One party that pushes to remove any mention of God from the courtrooms.
  • One party that wants to remove Bibles from the classrooms as well as the school and public libraries.
  • One party that would be glad to remove all your ‘religious preferences’.
  • One party that is consistently filing lawsuits against churches.
  • One party that protects the multi-billion dollar (USD) abortion industry’s murder of millions of innocent children each year for political donations, and human body parts harvesting.

This list goes on. Although this party is made up of people that may or may not know, it is extremely anti-God as it works with the spiritual forces of hell on this earth. That work is to bring the spiritual darkness to our physical world. When it comes to parties, voting is no longer decided by your social class or even your income bracket. It’s about ‘vote with the God’s church in mind’.

Jesus person! Whatever country you live in, avoid that political party that works against God, His people, and His Kingdom. There is an Anti-Christ party in every country. Support the party that allows you to have a passion for God, and a passion for people. Most importantly, don’t forget to be regularly praying for political leadership (local, regional, and national) as the Holy Spirit leads you.

Love God, love others!

Do you know Jesus?

Do you have God’s power in your daily life?

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This FaithPro was inspired by a message of Pastor Chas Stevenson @Houston Faith Church.

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