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Must Christians Obey The Laws Of Our Nation?

The Bible is very clear that Christians need to obey the laws of the land (or nations) that we live in. Romans 13:1-7 teaches us to be subject to the authorities. Believers are to be the most honest and caring part of society. The love of Christ permeates us so that we can be the salt and the light to our society. Salt in that we add the flavor of the good news of eternal life, and light that we bring to light the fact that people do not have to live in the violent and vulgar societies of today. A society without God may start out well, but history shows us that things change from order to disorder as time passes.

What happens if you disobey the law?
When you disobey the law of either just or unjust governments, there may be a penalty for not upholding those laws. The governments have been placed over us by people who have voted politicians into office or sometimes even individuals who have seized political control. Whether we obey or defy the law will determine how the government will deal with us.

Seats Of Government

Governments are not always just and good. Throughout history, there are governments have tried to destroy the true church of Jesus Christ, suppress believers, and water down the powerful gospel of Jesus Christ that saves people for eternal life in Heaven with God. Historically, there are a few nations that have risen up with Bible-based standards and ethics that respect others, protect the rights of the poor or smaller individuals, and throttle the power of politicians to seize unlimited control over the populace. This is not always the case.

Things Happen When God’s People Pray

We are told to pray for the leaders of our nations. When you pray, things happens. Where there is no prayer, there is chaos and disorder. This is proven in the New Testament where we learn that the fervent prayer of the God’s people accomplishes a lot according to James 5:16. Prayer is a spiritual act to affects the physical world around us. If believers aren’t praying, then trouble is likely on it’s way. In Acts 5:27-28 believers were arrested for preaching that eternal life only comes through accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord (Romans 10:8,9).

What About When The Laws Conflict?

Followers of Jesus Christ must obey the laws of their nation. However, when those laws conflict with the Word of God, believers must choose to go with God and not the politically correct or the ever changing positions of politicians. Our brother in faith Peter tells the political (and religious leaders) of his time in Acts 5:29, that Christians must choose God over man.

Understanding that the Word of God takes priority over the words on humans makes things a lot clearer. It is easiest to know that we can defend the lives babies in the womb, the beauty of marriage between a man and woman, the danger of drugs, the importance of honoring relationships, and many other daily decisions in our lives because God has already revealed His heart on the subject in the Bible. Have you read the Bible? The better you know the Word of God, the better you shall know the God of the Word.

Do you know Jesus?

Do you have God’s power in your daily life?

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