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Should I Forgive My Husband When He Left Me For Another Woman?

Honoring The Marriage

Forgiveness is a requirement of being a strong Christian. In fact, if you don’t forgive others God will not forgive you (Matthew 6:15). Forgiveness is important, because it is more a release for you, than for the person who wronged you. DO NOT HOLD ONTO UNFORGIVENESS. It will only hurt you. Remember the Lord’s Prayer says, “Forgive us our debts, as we forget our debtors”?

Forgiveness is important. However, believers are smart because we have the infilling of the Holy Spirit. If you don’t, remember being filled with the Holy Spirit is a daily thing (How to be filled with the Holy Spirit If your husband left you for another woman, or your wife left you for another man it is important to forgive them. However, you don’t have to forget what they did. In fact, it is important to remember what people do so you know what their weaknesses are. You don’t want them to do it to you again.

The Marriage Killer

If your spouse comes back to you after running off with another person. Your marital commitment to them is finished. You no longer have to honor your marriage commitment to them as they have dishonored it to you. However, this is where your relationship with God comes in. If someone comes back to you after cheating on you, and wants them to take them back you have a decision to make. Cheat me once, your bad. Cheat me twice, my bad.

You have to prayerfully consider if your estranged spouse is truly coming back to you with a repentant heart, or if they are coming back to because they want sex, money, or are just rebounding from being rejected by someone else. God can restore a marriage, but the key is whether the violator is turning from that sin or not. 1 John 1:8,9 say that we must confess our sin and that God will forgive us.

You Must Forgive, BUT

You must forgive your estranged spouse, but whether or not you reset the relationship with them is something you need wisdom from God on. You can pray James 1:5 and know you can get wisdom. You don’t want to get violated again, but then again if there is truly repentance there, a restored marriage is a great testimony to the world around us. Before you decide, pray this prayer-

Father God, I thank You so much for your goodness to me. You are so merciful and loving. Your blessings are coming upon be and overtaking me. You know I forgive NAME [input the name of the person]. I will hold nothing against them. However, I do not want to be hurt by them again and need your wisdom as NAME is trying to get me to accept them back and reset our relationship. Father God, I ask for wisdom according to James 1:5 in whether to reset this relationship or remove myself from this relationship. You say that whatever I ask for in faith, you give it to me. Lord, I thank you for wisdom and direction in this situation. I acknowledge You as my first love and the most important relationship in my life. I love you Lord and pray this things in the Mighty Name of JESUS Amen!

Now go make a great decision!

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