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What Are The Three Challenges For Islam When Compared To the Bible?

Whatever you believe, has to be something you can prove. Otherwise, your beliefs will be taken as fantasy. If you believe God is alive, show us how He is working in your life compared to those who don’t know Him. The Bible is living active and alive in the lives of Spirit-filled Jesus people (Hebrews 4:12). You can prove that knowing God is no fairy tale left to chance. God is real. Although knowing God is not religious, if you profess to know God, you are considered ‘religious’ despite the fact that knowing someone is a ‘relationship’ not a religion. According to experts on Islam and it’s history, to evaluate Allah and Islam you must look at three things-

  • the man- Muhammad
  • the book- the Qur’an (Koran)
  • the place- Mecca

Expounding on the three, below are the challenges that the religion of Islam must deal with- 

The Man- Muhammad

The man is said to have lived from 570 to 632 AD, much after Jesus Christ (500 years after, so could he have heard about the Savior?).  Despite being considered a ‘prophet’ who met an angel telling him that he had truth, Muhammad personally wrote nothing down.  Absolutely everyone is passed down by oral tradition. We know how people are when it comes to passing things between them. Everyone knows how a story changes by one game of “Chinese Whispers”. A story just passed along to a few people will completely change.

What we know of the man was written down by people who were not yet born, when Muhammad is said to have lived.  Things were written and modified hundreds of years after the traditional date of his death.  That’s a major problem.

In addition, the things that were written were not the same in (present day locations) Saudi, Iran, Yemen, and other Arabic-based Muslim cultures. There were many versions of the Qur’anic texts that had to be corrected over time. Scholars call this ‘textual evolution’ as noted by noted by multiple Islamist scholars such as Gerd R. Puin who evaluated ‘original texts’ in Yemen.

On the contrary, the Bible was written down by people who experienced God directly with Jesus Christ Himself (such as Matthew, John) in the flesh. Others were people who heard first hand from the eye witnesses (Mark, Luke and at least 120 others – Acts 2:1)  about the teaching, the miracles, and the resurrection that changed the world. The Lord Jesus personally appeared to a religious Jewish law expert on this way to arrest, kill, and torture Jesus people (Christians, these people of the Way) on the road to Damascus. He turned from persecutor to all out follower of God.

The Book- The Qur’an

Tradition says that the Qur’an was ‘revealed’ to Muhammad over the course of 22 years during his lifetime.  He did not write anything himself but tradition says it was passed by oral tradition from person to person.  Most people can hardly remember what they had for lunch last week much less what they’ve done over the last 20 years. Those who wrote about Muhammad for Islamic tradition are Al-Bukhari from 870 AD, Sahih Muslim in 875 AD, Ibn Majah in 887 AD, Abu Dawud 899 AD, and An Nisa’i in 913 AD. That’s over 200 years after the man and his ‘revelations’ had passed. God knows people and our abilities.

It’s interesting that when God speaks to people, He tells them to listen and write it down (Habakkuk 2:2). The Bible was written by people who were witnesses or heard first hand from those who experience the events (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Moses, Joshua, Paul, Peter) and were in the immediate vicinity of where the events occurred.  The Qur’an was not.

John was the last writer of the Bible which was within 57 years of the resurrection of Jesus.  The Bible was written within 29 to 57 years of the crucifixion death and resurrection of God. This is verified via both Christian followers of Jesus as well as secular historians of the time (Jesus was written about by those who were there at the time- Josephus, Suetonius, Tacitus, Pliny the Younger).  The Bible is written by those involved directly with God or by those who heard from eye witnesses in their generation.

The book was considered to have been written originally in Arabic, but reviews by linguists fluent in ancient languages have recently traced the writings to Aramaic not Arabic.  Aramaic is the language of some Jewish groups in and around Jerusalem.  Were the basics of Islam and the Qur’an, a spin off of the early church of Jesus Christ? The story continues to unravel.

The Place- Mecca

Mecca, as we know it, did not exist before the 7th century.  Yet the later versions of the Qur’an and Islamic tradition notes it as the place where Adam and Eve were dropped after they were banished out of the Garden of Eden (some 6,000 years ago?) which is more than a thousand kilometers away in present day Iraq. 

The first historical reference to Mecca was in 741.  Mecca is written about as a place with valleys, fig trees, and greenery. Yet in actuality Mecca was a dry desolate place in the desert with no historical recordings of the ‘famous’ city in existence in the maps of antiquity.  Islamic tradition states that in addition to Adam and Eve, hundreds of prophets (many of them ‘borrowed’ from from the Bible) have been buried in Mecca.  Yet the earliest maps don’t show Mecca until 900 AD. Where are their graves?

Muhammad’s ‘grave’ is actually in Medina not Mecca. Medina is where many Muslims visit after doing their obligatory Haj to Mecca (about 439 kilometers away).  Mecca is central to Islamic tradition.  The challenge is that the location is remote and cannot support the story lines of what was supposed to have transpired there as being a trade center with lush greenery(this could be more likely a visualization of Petra, the city of temples and tombs in Jordan).  Where is the grave of Jesus Christ? It is empty because He’s alive.

In addition, Sura 6:92 & 42:5 describes Mecca as was the “mother of all settlements”.  The history of Islam and the city of Mecca, at least from the time of the Caliph Abd al-Mali (685 – 705 AD) and before is a later fabrication according to historians (Cook 1983-65, Robinson 1996-47).

The Fog Of Religion

For religion, the fog is quite thick when you are searching for the actual history on people and placed.  Especially as much is changed over the years.  Extensive research on Islam is available, insights on the actual history of Islam can be found that is factual,  historic, and will reveal the myths versus the facts.  For more information, check out Dr. Jay Smith, Robert Spencer and other scholarly research on the trouble with the book, the man, and the place.  Other great examples are the testimonies of those who left Islam after experiencing Jesus (Mr. Mosab Hassan Yousef who left Islam for Christ says that Islam as whole can be compared to Nazism due to it’s brutality and violence towards anyone who does not comply. Pretty strong words).  You can also get a great summary of the story in Islam Religion of War or Peace? There is no room for diversity of thought, except in the variances in your Islamic sect.

God and Allah are two different personalities.  The best place to contrast their differences is getting a Bible and reading the Gospel of John to find out who God really is.  He wants to have a personal relationship with you! He is our loving father.

Do you know Jesus?

Do you have God’s power in your daily life?

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