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What Are The Two Reasons People Aren’t Hungry Spiritually?

Being a Christian is an adventure!  Once you are baptized in the Holy Spirit like we see believers receive in Acts Chapter 2, you’ve got a joy that is indescribable.  You’re full of His glory.  But just as it is possible for a believer to fall away from God and lose their salvation, it’s possible for believers to lose their joy and their spiritual hunger for the things of God. Don’t let it happen and miss the adventures of faith!

Every generation must stir up the spiritual gifts ( 2 Timothy 1:6) that are in them and reach their friends and neighbors for Jesus.  But more importantly, we must spend time with God to renew our strength each day in a quiet time and in reading his word.  (Five Things A Christian Must Do Every Day To Be Strong).  A believer may have seen the sick healed, thousands saved, and fantastic miracles in their life.  However, it is possible for a believer to lose their spiritual spiritual hunger.  What are the two reasons people lose their spiritual hunger?  It’s super simple. The two reasons are

  1. Distraction
  2. Deception

The enemy wants to distract us from the things of God; from thinking about the long term and get focused on the short term.  Our computers and various devices can beep with every post, every video, and every update that comes from our friends or family, but reading about the worldly things doesn’t feed the soul.  (A Three Part Being here).  We spiritually start to dry up when we get distracted by the various notifications throughout the day. 

Second to the distractions are the deceptions.  If you will stop aiming that arrow through the sights of that bow you expect to shoot it from , the released arrow just becomes a meaningless projectile flying in the wind.  If you get distracted you can easily be deceived and not hit the target for your life.  We know from John 10:10 that the enemy wants to kill, steal, and destroy.  That’s not what God wants for us.  Jesus came to give us eternal life AND abundant life.  He told us exactly that in John 10:10. 

As you read this, you have probably identified some distractions in your life right now.  They didn’t seem like much at the time, but now you feel spiritually dry as you struggle to dive into the Word reading, or even just renew your strength (Isaiah 40:31) each day.  Don’t let another day pass on that.  Pray this prayer.

Father God, I thank you for Jesus the Messiah.  I thank you for the eternal life that I will get to enjoy with you forever.  Father, forgive me for letting the distractions of this life get me down and lose my focus.  Father, I am here to do great things as You have called me.  I receive your forgiveness now and I will make a daily effort to set aside time with you and time to read your Word.  I know my Bible is an essential part of my growth personally, professionally, and spiritually.  Thank you for speaking to me each day as I quiet myself before You.  Something good is going to happen to me today.  Hallelujah!

In the Mighty Name of Jesus I pray, AMEN!

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