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What is the Bible Connection Between Islam and Mormonism?

Jesus came to bring us eternal, abundant life, and freedom from the concerns of this world (John 10:10). Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament Law (Matthew 5:17) to open the ranks of God’s chosen people, to anyone who accepts, believes and have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ (Romans 10:9). That’s Jesus the Messiah prophesied thousands of years before His birth in Jewish scriptures (the Old Testament).

The forces of hell (the devil and demons) are wanting to prevent as many people as possible to reject Jesus as their personal Savior once the enemy realized they actually fulfilled God’s plan when they pushed the religious political leaders to crucify Jesus the Messiah. If you reject Jesus as God, you have rejected as relationship God. The enemy wants to prevent people from having a relationship with God through religion. God defines religion as “the traditions of men” in Colossians 2:8. Our Creator doesn’t want traditions, God wants a relationship with each and every one of us. Tradition can be good sometimes, but when it becomes the religious it is something that will separate you from God, instead of bringing you to Him.

What Is The Connection Between Islam And Mormonism?

The origin of religion is satanic. It’s all about deceiving and distorting the chance of people having a relationship with God. When you dive into Islam and Mormonism, you will find the story is very similar. A guy meets a supernatural being that tells them that everyone else is wrong and that they will be given ‘the truth’. Islam started early on with Muhammad whom tradition says lived 570 to 632 AD and supposedly met the Angel Gabriel in a cave.

His teachings were not written down but were supposedly passed orally from generation to generation until parts of it were written down by people who didn’t know him around the year 740 AD (although people in the religion sometimes try to say 610 AD, this can not be verified). Approximately 108 years after his death. The case of Joseph Smith is later in the 1800s, but very similar. However like the Koran (of Islam, Smith borrowed many themes of The Bible. In fact, he rewrote the book of Isaiah inserting himself into the narrative as from thousands of years before his existence. He and his supporters also crafted additional books written with King James sounding old English to legitimize their work.

Both men supposedly met an angel telling them that the Jesus people were false, and that they would get a ‘truth’ revelation of God. However God warns through His Word (the Bible) in Galatians 1:8 that even if an angel comes to you do not follow them. This is the foundational connection between Islam and Mormonism. The enemy uses other tricks in these man-made religions.

The common themes between Islam and Mormonism are-

  • Both deny that Jesus is God
  • Both have founders that have supposedly gotten a ‘new revelation’ of God and deny the Church of Jesus Christ around the world
  • Both rely heavily on plagiarism of the Bible, it’s history, narratives, and even the people documented to create their own books
  • Both claim to have the only true any final revelation of any human from God, through their ‘prophet’ Smith and Muhammad respectively
  • Both have chosen a religious city center- Salt Lake City Utah and Mecca Saudi Arabia (Although, earlier, it was Petra)
  • Both try to pull people from the church of Jesus Christ
  • Both claim to serve the Almighty God of the Bible but in fact serve some other God

Religion is all about deception. If you are trapped in Mormonism or Islam, seek the true God, the Creator of the Universe. You can pray this prayer to be free and know God now.

Father God, I know that You love me and have an amazing plan for me. Help me to know You in a real way. I want to hear Your voice. I will not be deceived by men or angels. Please reveal to me the truth of Your Word and to discern what the lies of religion are. Forgive me for believing the lies of the enemy and the traditions of men. In the Mighty Name of Jesus I rebuke the spirit of religion and declare that the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross, rose on the third day, and by Him I am made perfect with God and can begin to hear His voice from now. Praise God! In Jesus Mighty Name I pray. AMEN.

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