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Why Are People So Easily Offended?

Violence, vulgarity, and darkness seems to ebb and flow with the generations. When we think that sexual sin is just an issue of this age of people, you can find out very quickly that the believers of Corinth had a very similar challenge of sexual perversions surrounding them in society. People of 1000 years ago had to deal with the same fleshly desires, hangups, of the soul (challenges in their minds, wills, and emotions. Remember humans are three part beings HERE).

My way or the highway..

For many countries, people were much more tolerant of the ideas of others. However, things have changed with the younger people. Why are people so easily offended these days? The answer may be multiple.

  • The younger generation has grown up with the internet and never really experienced hardship or in some cases just hard work. They always rode a bike with helmet.
  • Social media makes it easier for people to spout off their opinions without thinking of their friends who may have a differing view. If a view differs, then they just ‘cancel’ them or cut ties.

The secular world can come up with multiple reasons as to why people are offended if someone doesn’t agree with them or talk like they talk. However, God also has an opinion on it. If you want to know God’s thoughts, you need to know His Word (the Bible). 2 Timothy 3:16,17 says that the Bible is what corrects us. The Biblical reason why people are easily upset or offended is simple.

In 2 Timothy 3:2, we see that in the last days people will become lovers of themselves, arrogant, abusive, proud, lovers of money… Starting to sound like anyone you know? People are offended because they are self-centered. They only care about themselves and their opinions. They are quick to call out others but unwilling to correct themselves.

The Bible tells us, this move towards self-pleasing, self-promoting and self-centered thinking is a sign of the end times. It’ a red flag that JESUS IS COMING! The biggest question that every human being must answer is, “Is Jesus your Lord or are you just serving yourself?” Self servers are destined for hell, but God lovers are promised eternal life (not eternal death) in Heaven where God will prepare a place for you. What do you do?

Do you know Jesus?

Do you have God’s power in your daily life?

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