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Are Catholics Christian?

Looking around the world, you will send many variations on “Christian”. One country in Europe even has ‘Christian’ in their political party name. However, being a Christian is something far from political. Real Christianity is not hereditary, something that is handed down from parents to their Children.

Rome’s Vatican

What Is A Christian?
Christian means a follower of Christian. Christian to be a little Christ, or Christ like. A Christian is someone who has personally accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior (more on that HERE) and has a daily relationship with God. A daily relationship is someone who is saved from hell and has eternal life through Jesus (John 3:16). There is no other way except through Jesus according to John 14:6.

Two Types of Christians

In this world there are two types of people who identify as Christian. Those who were raised in a Christian culture, but do not know God. These people are really not Christian, but can be identified as “Cultural Christians” as they are religious but they don’t know God.

The other group of people are “Committed Christians” or people who recognized they were lost without God (Romans 3:23). Jesus people that understood they are a sinner who can never get to God on their own merits as sin leads to death. They understand that eternal life is a gift of God that you must accept (Romans 6:23). They have prayed something like Romans 10:8,9 asking God to forgive them, and receiving Jesus as their Savior. True Christians are Committed Christians, not just people with good morals.

Are Catholics Christian?
Now that we have established what a true committed Christian is, we can answer the sensitive question, Are Catholics Christian? Sadly most Catholics are NOT Christian. In fact, the Roman Catholic church has many areas of doctrine they practice that are not mentioned in the Bible or in many cases, actually something the Bible teaches against (8 Contradictions Of The Catholic Religion). Many times when you ask a Catholic if they are a Christian, they will say, “No, I’m a Catholic”. Anyone, when asked if they are a Christian, should know if they are or not.

No doubt, within the Roman Catholic Church, based in Rome Italy, there are Christians. The trouble is the majority do not seem to be followers of Christ but followers of the Pope, and dead ‘saints’ many pray to. The difficulty for Catholics is two-fold.

  • Catholic leadership teaches that they are the only ‘true church’ and follows many traditions that doesn’t bring them to asked themselves life’s most important question, “Am I saved?”
  • Secondly, most Catholics do not know the Baptism of The Holy Spirit as taught and documented in Acts 2. No power, just religion. (More on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit here).

Many committed Christians want to identify Catholics as Christians, as there are some similar lines of thinking and many great people within Catholicism. However any person living without Jesus, religious or otherwise, is lost without receiving Jesus. Any religious person identifying as a Christian, must be a follower of Jesus. It’s not a cultural thing. You can read more about becoming a strong Christian here. Again, in general the majority of Catholics are not Christians. You can probably same something about those who identify as Christians. Depending on the area, many people who identify as “Christian” are not following Jesus Christ in the slightest.

God loves Catholics, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and all other people. However God hates religion as it’s just the traditions of men (God’s view on religion here) that distract people from knowing God. It is very hard to be a Committed Christian in the Catholic Church. Don’t be distracted. Know God for yourself now.

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