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What’s God’s View On Religion?

If you want to know God, you’ve got to read the Bible.  If you want to really get the amazing inspiration of God, you’ve got to have the inspiration of the writer, the Holy Spirit.  God is three but yet He is one.  He is Father, the Son (Jesus), and He is the Holy Spirit.  God is so much bigger than we humans can ever comprehend.  But, to understand how God works is easy by understanding the roles of God.  God the Father makes the plan, the Son (the Lord Jesus) executes the plan, and Holy Spirit reveals the plan.  As a Holy Spirit filled and baptized follower of God reading the Bible, you will understand the deep things of God

How Does God See Religion?

God sees religion as dark, controlling, and restrictive.  If you are a believer and someone asks you, “Are you religious?” Your response really should be “No”, because religion by definition is a system of beliefs or way of doing things.  The Bible defines religion as ‘the traditions of men’ in Colossians 2:8.  Being a follower of Jesus, a part of ‘the Way’ (Acts 9:2), and a committed Christian is not about traditions and systems.  It’s about having a personal relationship with God our Father.  Only Jesus can bring you into a relationship with God.

Jesus ministered on this earth and built His church (Matthew 16:18) after rising from the dead for all of mankind.  Jesus, the only sinless man to live on the earth, rectified our relationship with God.  In His three years of ministry on the Earth he showed no interest in religion.  The Lord Jesus sees religion as man’s impossible attempt to renew the lost relationship with God.  He sees religion as dirty, corrupt, and controlling. To the religious hypocritical people of His day, He describes them as white-washed graves, pretty and clean externally, but internally filled with rotten bones in Matthew 23:27. They told people not to do exact what they were doing in secret.  The is true hypocrisy.  Only receiving Jesus can make you right with God and give you eternal life. [Religion is the traditions of mankind and has nothing to do with God.

Being a Christian is not a religious thing.  Jesus commands us two main things after receiving eternal life.

  • Be Baptized In Water
  • Remember His death and resurrection until He comes again by taking communion regularly

In addition, the church is very important to Jesus.  He prophesied of it coming in Matthew 16:18.  He established the church in Acts 2 through the power of the Holy Spirit on those who were there waiting for the church to begin just as He said.

Religion is man’s attempt to God.  Man can not get to God through religion.  Jesus came to bring man to God and you can only do it through knowing Him and being active in His church.  God is not interested in traditions and rituals, He’s interested in having a personal relationship with you. Do you know Him?  You can today.  Know Him now.

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