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Can I Trust The MacArthur Study Study Bible?

The MacArthur Study Bible is a ‘best seling’ study Bible in the United States.  It has commentary mixed with the Biblical texts of the Holy Bible in the form of notes, a Bible concordance, historical charts, and many other interesting tools for the student of the Bible. It also dives into the meanings of some of the phrases in the original languages.There are some interesting studies and has the book sold very well.

Can you trust the MacArthur study Bible from a Christian perspective?  

The answer to the question is NO.  If you are a Spirit-filled believer and walk by faith, you will find some poison in the mix. There may be some interesting points just as there is in any other secular book.  However, MacArthur’s works will draw you into a judgmental religious lifestyle devoid of Jesus.

Who Is John MacArthur

John MacArthur is a pastor and Bible teacher who is incidentally a relative of the famous American General MacArthur of World War II era.  He is intelligent and has extensive Bible school and seminary training. He is an extremely religious personality.  He is very strict and out-spoken in his beliefs that is typical of a religious ‘Christian’. He has authored around 150 books and is best known for his MacArthur Study Bible that laces his thinking into the Bible manuscripts and has been printed with many English versions of the Bible.  He has not been baptized in the Holy Spirit, therefore you must be very careful to understand his dangerous teaching against the Holy Spirit as demonstrated in Acts.

What Does Pastor John MacArthur believe?

Mr. MacArthur is a Calvinist.  Calvinism is a way of thinking in Christian history attributed to John Calvin of France (1509 – 1564).  Calvinism sees God as the Almighty being, but focuses more on the coming judgment of God and applies it now. That tends to come across as very harsh and religious.  We live in the era of grace and the church.  Judgment will come when our spirits leave our bodies (at physical death), but we must learn to walk by faith as we live on this earth.  What can we learn from reading MacArthur’s books or listening to his teaching?

  • Being a Christian is about good works less about grace
  • God is strict judgmental being
  • Most other Christians that do not follow the Calvinist tradition are considered either cults or heretical
  • Spirit-filled Christians (AKA Pentecostal or Charismatic Christians) are not Christians or backslidden. (He convened a three-day conference called “Strange Fire: The Danger Of Offending The Holy Spirit With Counterfeit Worship”).
  • That those who are saved or ‘predestined’ are already chosen for eternal life
  • Speaks out against the move of the Holy Spirit in the present-day church

You can see more general information about Calvinism here.

Should I read My MacArthur Study Bible or other John MacArthur Books?

It’s sad to say as Calvinists, including Mr. MacArthur, these people don’t understand the ways of the Holy Spirit, therefore their teaching is confused.  Reading his books or commentary is the choice of the individual.  However, based on the  writings of Mr MacArthur, a strict religious spirit much like that of the Pharisees 2,000 years ago is obvious.  That same spirit was threatened when the religious folk saw Jesus not fulfilling the scripture prophecies the way they thought He should (they thought the Messiah should come back as a conqueror).

What Should I Do With His Books?

If you’ve got his writings, the best place for them is in the garbage because He mischaracterizes the awesome Father that Christians serve.  Even if you have one of the Bibles that are filled with his notes, it is better to throw it away than give it to someone who might be confused by this cold religious teaching.  In 2013, John was warned by a modern day prophet is recorded in video here.  God is so gracious, even to religious folks.

Better choices for English language study Bibles are-

  • The New Spirit Filled Life Study Bible (Editor- Jack Hayford)
  • The Thompson Chain Reference Bible
  • The Dake Annotated Reference Bible

Believers need to push people to Jesus, not push them away.  God wants to have a personal relationship with each one of us and that only comes through grace (not the works we do) and walking by faith each day.

Do you know Jesus?

Do you have God’s power in your daily life?


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