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How Does God Use Dreams And Visions In The Life of a Christian?

Everyone has dreams regularly.  The majority of people just forget about them when they wake up.  A quick study on the subject reveals that the human body may sleep, but the mind is still very active.  We must understand that the human being is a three part being, spirit, soul, and body (What Is The Human Made Up Of? ).  The body needs to be fed and rested.  As the body is sleeping, the soul (mind, will, and emotions) us still active.  Secular people would say, the mind is still active.

What’s the Difference Between Dreams & Visions?

Dreams are what you see when you are asleep.  Visions are dreams you have when you are awake. We see many instances of both in the Bible. We also see them with people today.

Some Christians say that the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is not for today.  Others say that signs and wonders we see in the book of Acts are not for today.  Yet others say that since the Bible was canonized (or shall we say finalized), that dreams and visions are no longer a way that God reveals his people.  Or they just say they are occasional.  Dreams and visions are for today and they are for now.

God uses dreams to reveal things to you.  Actual, we describe dreams as RED.  RED signifies that dreams from God should REVEAL, ENCOURAGE, and DIRECT.  This is what we see in the Old Testament of the Bible, and what we see continued on in the New Testament generation that we live in today.

How Can I Tell If My Dream Is From God?

Dreams and visions are am interesting thing.  To tell if a dream is of God or not is very easy.  You can ask yourself two questions.

  1. Does this dream confirm or contradict the Bible?  If it contradicts, then it is not of God
  2. Is it  a RED dream or vision?  Does it reveal, encourage, and direct?

Dreams are for today.  Don’t be afraid to let the Holy Spirit speak to you through your dreams or visions.  1 John 4:1 says to test the spirits.  Some are known to dreams through drugs, demons, and other dark sources.  Don’t be duped.  Know the Word of God so that you can better understand God speaking to you through your dreams.

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