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How Do I Have Safe Sex Until I Get Married?

There are a lot of opinions on safe sex in the world we live in.  However, as a Christian is there such a thing as safe sex? Yes!

God’s design for sexual intimacy is an expression of love between one man and one woman.  When a couple have sex, it is not just a physical act.  Sex is also a spiritual act.  This is why the enemy (forces of hell) try to tempt us to be sexually active.  If those unclean spirits (demons) can get us to have premarital sex, be promiscuous, or unfaithful to our spouse, and so forth, there are soul ties (emotional, mental, and willingness related) that are created in the act.

God’s design for sexual intimacy is between one man and one woman, specifically, one wife and one husband.  Genesis 2:24 says a husband and wife become one flesh.  They leave their parents and are no longer responsible for living under their parents.  The couple is now responsible to each other.

Is sex something that should be saved for marriage?

Yes!  Sex is something you should save for your honeymoon.  This is not old or traditional, sex on the honeymoon is beautiful,, normal, and the way of God. If a couple has sex before marriage, those soul ties are created.  Every person they have been sexually active with is brought into the relationship.  STD (sexually transimitted diseases illustrate that physically). Many people have married the wrong person because they became emotionally attached to wrong person through inappropriate sexual activity.

Stay Clean

The best way to stay sexually pure before marriage is to never go out alone with that person you like.  (Or even a person you don’t like).  Never put yourself into a compromising situation at a restaurant, movie theater, or private room.  Always be in a group.

How to get to know a potential spouse

The best way to filter a potential spouse is not to get into the dating game of meeting.  Some suggest that dating and breaking up sets the tone for divorce in relationships.  Decide on your life partner before you date.

  • Watch how they interact with others
  • Meet their family members
  • Observe how they use money
  • See if they keep commitments such as appointments

Chose your spouse before you date.  Sexual intimacy is the climax of finding that right person.  The best sex is sexual intimacy on the honey moon night.  However, the romance doesn’t end after the kids are born.  Couples must keep romance in their marriages by

  • Having regular date nights
  • Practicing intimacy that is not sexual, which is holding and talking
  • Spending lots of time together
  • Having frequent and regular sex
  • Being clear on finances and never hiding anything from their spouse.
  • Letting each other know that you need sexual fulfillment from each other

Remember that marriage is a commitment to have and hold each other until death do you part.  Marriages can go cold.  If you feel your marriage is going cold, it’s your responsibility to make it hot with your spouse.  If you don’t do it, who will? It’s only you.

Keep the passion in your marriage.

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