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Does God ‘Take’ People (In Death)?

No, God does NOT take believers.

A common statement by some Christians when someone (a son, daughter, brother, father, mother, child, etc) is “God took him (or her)”.  Is this really right?  Does God take people?  Some people will quote the Bible book of Job 1:21 that saying, “the Lord gives and the Lord takes away”.  However, quoting a guy who lost it all and blamed God is probably not a good idea.  In Job chapter 42, we see Job comes around and his loses are restored with double of everything that he had after he realized it was his fault.

Sudden Death

If someone suddenly dies and they know Jesus, it does not mean that “God took them”.  A sudden heart attack, a wreck, an accident, a fatal health issue.  This does not mean that God has taken someone.  The best way to confirm this is to read the Bible in context.  God makes His plan clear for those who love Him and follow Him daily. He says in Psalm chapter 91, “with LONG lift I will satisfy them {that’s the believer] and show Him my salvation.  Sudden death is not God’s fault, plan, or even desire for His people.  He wants us to live long and strong on the earth so that we can be his light on this world for the 120 years or so that we live here.

If you hear a Christian say, “God has taken my loved one”.  Don’t beat them up for what they said. You can show them what the Bible says after their grieving is over.  However, at the same time don’t believe or accept what they are what they are saying.

Wash The World Off And Renew Your Mind

We live in a corrupt world.  The enemy wants to kill you and cut your life short (John 10:10).  You must keep your physical heart, and spiritual heart (your spirit and soul) healthy.  It is essential that you spend time with God every day so that you know where to be and where not to be each day.  After all, the Bible says “those who are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God” (Romans 8:14).   Whether you are male or female, it’s time to be a son and walk by the Holy Spirit.  Then you will ALWAYS be in the right time for a long, healthy and prosperous life!

Do you know Jesus?

Do you have God’s power in your daily life?


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