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Does It Matter How A Woman Dresses?

Fashions and fads come and go, long hair and short hair, skirts and heels, baggy pants and tight pants, with colors galore.  Most women love to dress up, and men love to look at pretty ladies. A big difference between men and women is men like to look at shapely beautiful women and are driven by the ‘carnal’ or flesh a lot more than women.  It’s men.  In the Bible we have a very erotic love write up in Song Of Solomon chapter 4.  Song Of Solomon 4:5 has the husband describing his wife’ breasts.  Sex within marriage is necessary and very good.  Sex outside marriage is sin.

Men love women and have the desire built into them.  People of strong faith say, “I am not moved by what I see” in dealing with life’s challenges, but the natural man really needs to keep his mind renewed to the Word of God to deal with the desires of his body.

Does It Matter How I Dress?

As a woman, the tighter the clothes and the more cleavage (bosoms) you show, the more men are going to look at you.  Looking leads to lusting.  High skirts, high heels, and tight tops can bring you unwanted attention (remember prostitutes dress this way to get attention and damning ‘business’).  If you look at any erotic or sexual advertising, they show the boobs and the legs to get guys’ attention.

Yes, it is very important how you dress.  You don’t have to dress like the religious women who are forced to cover from head to toe (so men won’t ‘get distracted’).  However, how we dress should honor the Lord.  If we let ‘it all hang out’ we are inviting looks from men that are not something that glorifies God.  If you are trying to teach people and your boobs are hanging out of your blouse, shirt is too tight, or legs are very visible you are going to distract people.  Men like to look at the shape of a woman’s body.

How Should A Christian Lady Dress?

  • Dress well and look nice
  • Avoid wearing things that draw attention to yourself such as loose clothing or tight clothes or something that doesn’t cover you sufficiently (1 Timothy 2:9)
  • Put those boobs away. Avoid tops that show push out/up your cleavage. They are just make a temptation to men to look
  • Your neckline, waistline can be right when you stand but you must also check if when you sit or bend down. Wear dresses that fight right, not tight and not loose.

It’s great to dress nice for your man.  At the same time, guys should make themselves look and smell good for their ladies as well.  It’s not just clothes, it’s smelling nice, brushing and flossing your teeth, and keeping yourself well-kept for both men and women.

If you are a follower of Jesus, how you dress is a reflection on God.  If you show too much, people will be visually deafened by your appearance and not able hear what you have to say.  The world says ‘be sexy’, really?   Follow the world’s guidelines for dressing and you will just yourself or others in trouble.

Women, you should not dress to ‘be sexy’, you should dress to be beautiful!

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