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Why Does The Roman Catholic Church Have Sexual Abuse Scandals?


Religions have various rituals around the world. In ancient times, pagan religions had temples where people would go to have sexual relations with temple prostitutes.  Although some consider the Roman Catholic Church organization as Christian, there are some concerning areas that run counter to the Word of God (the Bible).  Are Catholics Christian?  You can explore that question here.

Why Sexual Abuse?

One of the traditions of the Catholic church is to force their leaders into ‘celibacy’ or denial of sexual intimacy.  There is no Biblical base for making men and women fight the natural desires of their bodies and not enjoy the beauty of sex between a husband and wife.  Sexual intercourse is God’s design and has a place in marriage.  Outside of marriage, like anything out of it’s design, it can be twisted and perverted.  Adults forcing sex on children and touching them in their private areas is vile and should never be accepted.  Sexually abused children can be scared for life without the

The reason why the Roman Catholic Church has sexual abuse problems now is because the teaching goes against God’s design.  Sex is a physical fulfillment for a husband and wife.  Priests should marry, they should know Jesus, and they should teach the uncompromised Word of God. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Pray for Catholic leadership that they drop religious traditions and may personally know God Almighty by accepted Jesus as their personal Savior.

Do you know Jesus?

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