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How Do I Honor My Parents?

 Eph 6:2-3
2 “Honor your father and mother,” which is the first commandment with promise: 3 “that it may be well with you and you may live long on the earth.”  NKJV

Many people come to pastors with marital issues.  Many misunderstandings happen between a husband and a wife due to the fact that one of the spouses listens too much to their extended family (father, mother, sisters, brothers, etc.).  However, this should not be mistaken to say that you should just throw your extended family away once you get married and start your own family.

The way that you act and react, the way you look, and even sometimes your feelings can be a direct reflection of that of your parents.  This is why some people have major issues when adopting children.   There are traits and even generational curses on people due to the action of the parents that can go to the third or fourth generation (Ex 34:6-7).  These hindrances must be broken for those children to be free.  Looking from the other side here, our children are a reflection of us.   Of course, we must raise up our children in God’s ways, as once they become adults they will be responsible for their own actions.

Once adults, we should never forget all that our parents did for us.  The Word is clear that we need to honor our father and mother.  Why?  Most importantly we should honor our parents, because they deserve the honor.  In most cases, parents have given their all to raise us, feed us, get us to school, and help us become a contributor to society.  My goal for my children is to given them a better life than I have.  I pray that I can impart them with more wisdom for life, more knowledge of things, more financial wellness, more insights on the Word, and a better place to live.   This list could go on and on for me.  Although we did not talk about it, my parents gave me something better than they had.  They deserve the honor for that.  They put a lot in to me.  What about your parents?  I am sure, like you and I, they were not perfect, but they should have done the very best they could have.

Maybe you are not so proud of your family.  That is okay.  Remember first and foremost, if you have repented and turned to Jesus, you are a child of God.  Even if you had the worst parents in the world, you know it is okay to love them.  They may have abused you, not cared for you, or even abandoned you.  As a believer, you could be the one who starts the heritage of faith for your family.   Break the generational curses on your family and make an effort to show the love of God to your parents.

How can you honor your parents as adults?  Call them and tell them that you love them.  Remember them on special days like Father’s Day, and Mother’s Day.  Make an effort to spend time with them.  When you have children, Proverbs tells us the pride of grandparents are their grandchildren.  If physically and economically possible, take the grandkids to see their grandparents as much as you can.

Praise God for great parents.  If you have come from a broken family or have parents that didn’t do their part, have grace for them, love them, and let the good parenting start with you.  If you don’t know how to be a good parent, get some good books from Spirit-filled authors that you can learn from.  There is no point trying to learn everything about parenting from zero.  Learn from others.

Be a part of a heritage of faith for your family!

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