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How Does God Speak To Christians?

There is no doubt that God speaks to people. However, the Almighty does not do usually communicate with mankind the way most people expect.
We see throughout history how God directs humans living on Earth.  God will speak to unbelievers at times, but the people who regularly hear His voice are those who love and trust Him.  God spoke to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. However, mankind fell and lost the beautiful paradise that He had given to us through sin.  The best example is to look at the father of faith, Abraham.  God spoke to Abraham and as you read the Bible many just assume that God speaks to Abraham just like a man would speak to another man or woman.
Remember, mankind (men and women) is made in God’s image (Genesis 1:27)  .  We have heads, arms, legs, torsos, faces, and the human appearance of God.  We are not God or a god by any means.  However the Lord Jesus tells us that God is a spirit.  Humans are spirits, we have souls, and we live in bodies (1 Thessalonians 5:23).  Jesus tells the woman at the well, God is a spirit in John 4:24.
How Do Christians Hear God?
Christians don’t hear God with their physical ears.  (Although, there have been exceptions to that).  We hear God with our spirit which is in sync with His Holy Spirit.  God speaks to us but the majority of people don’t know how to listen.  There are many ways God speaks to us, but mostly we find God speaks to His children
  • Through the Word of God (the Bible)
  • Through prayer and quieting your soul (mind, will, and emotions) in a daily time with Him
  • Through other believers (and sometimes unbelievers as well).
When someone tells you, *God spoke to me* you can know that God spoke to their human spirit and gave them direction.  The challenge is that humans are emotional beings and sometimes can be ‘creative’.  We are also told in 1 John 4:1 to test the spirits or inclinations we have.
How Do You Know When It’s God?  
It’s easy to detect God’s direction as opposed to your mind going wild or some type of demonic push or attack.  We certainly hear of people who commit atrocities because they ‘hear voices’.  It’s very easy to know when God is speaking to you.  If you are a believer ( Do you know Jesus? ), and have given yourself to Jesus you can be free (Whom the Son sets free is free indeed according to John 8:36).  But you may have to renew your mind in certain areas according to Romans 12:2.  There may be unforgiveness, unbelief, substance abuse, sexual impurity, or other sin that you have to confess to the Lord and get forgiveness.  Fill yourself up with God and His Word and the things of this world will be pushed out.
Simply put, when God speaks to you He will never speak counter to His Word (the Bible).  John 10:10 says it all, the enemy wants to kill, still, and destroy but Jesus says He came that you may have eternal life, and that you may have it ABUNDANTLY!  Christians who hear God’s voice will walk in His abundance.
 Do you know Jesus?
 Do you have God’s power in your daily life?
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