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If God Is Good, Why Does He Send People To Hell?

Recently, we hear a lot of people saying, “God is good!”.  At churches, many respond to the pastor saying, “All the time”.  We know God is absolutely good.  In Genesis, as God created the world He stepped by several times and it says, “And God saw that it was good”, of His creation.  We see this phrase in Genesis 1:4,10,12, 18, 21, and 25.  There is something about God and goodness.  In Genesis 1:31 with God looking over everything He made it says,

Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good.

With God, everything is good.  It doesn’t become anything less than good.  In fact, we see with Him that everything is very good.  There is no bad with God.

Heaven and Hell

There are two places that are more real than where you sit and read this now.  There is  God’s Heaven, where God the Father abides, and there is a hell.  Hell is dark, stinky, and filled with the evilest of evil.  Hell is very bad.  Hell was not created for people but was created for satan and the demons.  In Matthew 25:41, Jesus teaches us that hell was created as a place where demons go and is a place of eternal torment.  It is the place where all people who don’t love God will be separated to.

Heaven, on the other hand, is the place God created for those who follow Him. Heaven is real.  People that love God with all their being, as described in Luke 10:27, will be there. The earth you live on today is an imperfect copy of heaven. In heaven, we have trees, rivers, fields, buildings, streets, food, and of course, lots of people.  In Heaven, there are no hospitals because there is no sickness.  There are no sinners, because those there have been cleansed by receiving the work of Jesus and made righteous before God.   That means there are no robberies so the are no jails.  Heaven is a perfect place because it is where God is.  Only those who have been ‘perfected’ by the salvation won for us by Jesus will be there.

Why Does God Send People To Hell?

Does God actually send people to hell?  You would wonder if God is so good, why would He condemn mankind, His creation, to eternal torment?  This is a question you can ask God, and you should. The answer He gave us is, “I do not choose, you choose”.  People choose heaven or hell.  It is their choice, as we know from 1 Timothy 2:4 that God desires that all people be saved. However, the choice is not His. The choice is ours.

Heaven Or Hell, Your Choice

In Deuteronomy 30:15, God speaks to us saying we can choose life and good, or death and evil.  That eternal life is only through Jesus, there is no other way. Religion, doing good works, or being a nice person will not bring you the good life God has for you who chose Him.  Again in Joshua 24:15, people are challenged to choose today, right now, life or death.  It’s each person’s choice.  What do you mean?

In life, everyone comes to a certain point where they question why they are here.  We call this the Age of Accountability (more on that here).   It’s a built in thing that happens to each and everyone one of use in our formative years.  The key is, do we desire to know more about God or do we just suppress that question.

God sends no one to hell.  In fact, He didn’t even create hell for human beings.  Hell is a separate place where all evil is banished to.  Without Jesus, we are all evil in God’s sight.  You can change that.  God has a place for you.  What can you do?  You can do something about your future right now.  Eternal life or eternal death, the choice is yours.  What’s next?

Know Jesus TODAY.

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