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Is God Indecisive?

Have you ever met a new Christian that told you that God told them to do something that seemed strange?  What they said just seemed out of the blue.  If you’re in the ministry, you will see it from time to time.  People come up to pastors and say things like-

  • God told me to marry that person (they don’t know)
  • God told me to quit coming to church (or take time off)
  • God told me  to go somewhere and do something
  • God told me to go somewhere and do nothing

There and many other things that just don’t go along with the Bible.  It makes you wonder.  Is God indecisive?  Or is it just someone who doesn’t know the voice of God versus themselves.  Most of the time, people follow their emotions.  Even Christians can do it.

In SE Asia a youth pastor was told by one of his kids one day, “God told me to stop coming to church for a awhile”.  The pastor answered, “Are you totally sure?”  This was not the first time he had heard that nonsense.  Why nonsense?  The Bible is very clear that believers must gather.  They must fellowship.  They must get together regularly.  Virtual church might be good in the case of an emergency for a time, but you need to get together with other Bible believing members of God’s family.  His Kingdom.  In fact Hebrews says,

not forsaking our own assembling together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another; and all the more as you see the day drawing near. -Hebrews 10:25

Making excuses not to go to church is nothing new.  God is not indecisive.  If someone is going to tell you God told them to do something, they better be a student of the Word.  Otherwise, they just end up reversing course and going another direction.  They just make it look like God changed His mind, when all along, it was just them making a decision based on emotions. 

God is crystal clear in everything He does.  Faith, finances, family, health, war, end times, and nearly any other topic you need. You can get direction on can be answered by those who know the Word of God (the Bible) and the Holy Spirt with you (Are you Baptized in the Spirit? ).  One thing we don’t know is the day or the hour that Jesus is coming back.  Not even Jesus the Anointed Son of God knows that.  But it is very soon.  We must be ready at any moment.

If God told you to do something or about something. The spiritual thing is probably to start by keeping it to yourself and see if you can get any confirmations from the Word or other Spirit-filled Christian believers.  Don’t use “God told me’ as an excuse to bail on someone, a ministry, or any other commitment.  God doesn’t go from order to disorder.  He is complete.  From something to nothing.  Neither should you do things halfway. 

If God told you to do something, make sure it is God and that it does not contradict anything in the Bible.  For example, God would not tell you to divorce your spouse because God hates divorce (read here).  However,  if a husband or wife is being physically abused by the other, you should be seeking the Lord about if it’s time to abandon that relationship or if outside help can quickly

Erase “God told me…” from your vocabulary.  If He did, everything will flow smooth as silk.  If He didn’t you will not only look like a baby spiritually but also may hurt people along the way.

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