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Why Does God Hate Divorce?

Divorce is the separation of two people who have been united in marriage. The separation of two people who have had intimate relationship, a man and a woman who have united as one flesh as the Bible calls it in Genesis 2:24. When a man and woman have sexual intercourse, not only is there a physical connection, there is also a spiritual connection. The two become one and in that intimacy, another life is created. Marriage is an amazing and wonderful thing.

Does God Really Hate Divorce?

In Malachi 2:16 we see that God hates divorce. He doesn’t dislike it, he doesn’t think it’s just something that happens from time to time, God HATES divorce. Why does God hate divorce? The reason is simple, when two people have been united, new life comes from that union, soul ties are made, and a family is begun. Remember the soul is the mind, will, and emotions of humans. Divorce, especially for those who know Jesus, is ripping about that relationship. Like trying to pull apart two sheets of paper that have been glued together, there will be damages. Divorce is damaging. God knows that and that is why He hates it. God is the God of life and prosperity, not death and destruction.

When Is Divorce Justified?

When you read Matthew 19:7-9 we see religious people pressing Jesus for answers on divorce. The Lord Jesus’ answer is very clear. God made marriage; the Father did not make divorce. In 1 Corinthians 7:15-17, we see that if a believer has married an unbeliever, that does not end the marriage. The believer brings God’s blessing and hand into the family when they pray and believe God. Divorce is not God’s best. However, some people just make some decisions that damage a family.

Divorce is justified in three ways,

  1. When an unbelieving spouse deserts the believing husband/wife
  2. When a married person has sexual relationships with another person outside of their marriage (AKA adultery) and is unrepentant
  3. When a spouse is withholding sexual intimacy from the person they are married to

Divorce is not God’s plan or God’s way. God hates it because it is destructive and not only hurts the couple, but also the kids and relatives who witnessed and supported the marriage and wedding. It is a last resort as people work to pick up the pieces of a failed relationship.

If you’re considering divorce, the first step is get to a good church with a counseling program that will help you repair that marriage. Don’t divorce unless you absolutely have no other choice. It’s a very painful step that you don’t want to take.


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