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Is It Okay To Say, “Oh My God”?

Followers of God are told not to use the name of God in vain in the Bible.  When we hear the word vain we think of people who are self-centered.  In Exodus 20:7, the Bible says,

“You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain.”

Over the last few decades we have seen a fad of showing your surprise at what someone said or something that happened by saying, “Oh my God”.  Some people with a bit of sense change the phrase to “Oh my gosh”. Whatever the variation, is it okay to use God’s name?  God Almighty is His name. He is holy, He is awesome, He is amazing.  If you want to really refer directly to the Creator, His Name is Yahweh or in literal Hebrew ‘YHWH’.  When the scribes would copy a Bible to make another for distribution they would do it by hand.  The people regarded God’s Name as Holy and wouldn’t even say God or Yahweh out loud. They would say in Hebrew, “Adonai”. Adonai means “the Lord”.

The Lord God Almighty

When they wrote Adonai, scribes would put down the pen they were using to write out the scriptures and use a separate pen to write “the Lord” in Hebrew. Then put it back down to use the first pen to continue their work.  The scribes would do this because they knew God is holy and they wanted to honor Him.  (Please note Jehovah is mistranslation/Latinization of the God’s name in Hebrew, Yahweh).

Honor Him, He Will Honor You

We no longer use pens or dip quills into ink wells to write, however we should still honor the Lord.  1 Samuel 2:30 says those who honor God will be honored by God, but those who don’t honor God, He will pay no attention to.  If you are always saying, “Oh my God” you are calling on God and not respecting His Name.  God doesn’t want His Name repeated uselessly or in vain repetition.  Can you imagine if someone kept saying your name and then ignored you when you responded, “Yes, what?”.  Eventually you would stop listening to them.  Then when they need you, you would not be listening to them.  It is the same with God.

We have decided that God is holy and we will treat Him that way. We have also reserved words only for Him.  When we use the word ‘awesome’, it is only in reference to Him.  Nothing else.  When we say amazing, that is also a word that we use only when we talk about our Heavenly Father.  Now, anytime we hear someone say “awesome”, we think of God straight away.  Despite what they think is awesome, only God is awesome.

By saying “Oh my God” you are taking God’s Name in vain.  It’s time to stop and start giving the Almighty God the honor that is due Him.  If you have been using His Name in vain, it’s time to ask forgiveness and stop.  He is faithful and just and will forgive you when you ask.

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