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Is Sexual Masturbation A Sin?

The question of whether or not masturbation is sin or not, comes up a lot in private circles. Masturbation is not exactly something people care to talk about in public.  Despite that, secular sex education has taught not only that it is okay, but how to do it.  If it’s so good, you wonder why people feel guilty about it?  The world pushes it, but then again they push premarital sex, drugs, alcohol, and a lot of other things that are not exactly healthy.

Yes, masturbation is sin.  It clouds the voice of your spirit, your conscience, from hearing the Holy Spirit.

Sexual Desires

The Bible tells us, we should focus and fulfill our sexual desires with our spouse.  Spouses that withhold themselves sexually from the other are not fulfilling their wedding vows. Withholding sexual intimacy can destroy a marriage (read about sexless marriages here).  However we all recognize that from puberty, sexual desire is something we all have to deal with.  It becomes strong once we start acting on those desires.  In Romans 7:15-20, the Apostle Paul talks about doing something he that he regrets.  What he is talking about is not confirmed, but we believe it was dealing with his sexual desires or carnality.  He was a single man who encouraged us to marry rather than burn in desire for the opposite sex in 1 Corinthians 7:9.  We all have sexual desires that need to be focused on our spouse and fulfilling their desires as well.

Masturbation is the act of trying to fulfill your sexual desires by yourself by touching your sexual organs.  As you search the Bible for answers to life, we must remember that God gave us a mind and the Holy Spirit for a reason.  You have to be led by the Spirit.  We have seen homosexuals try to negate all the scriptures that lay out the judgment and separation from God for their sexual sin just like the adulterers. There will be no homosexuals or adulterers that have not repented from those sins in Heaven.  For masturbation, there just isn’t a lot scripture on it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not addressed.  God gave us the Holy Spirit to lead us for all life’s questions.  If you feel guilty after doing something, you better listen to your conscience.

Seeing Leads To Sinning

Jesus tells us in Matthew 5:27,28 that when we look at a woman (or woman looks at a man) and thinks carnal or sexual thoughts, it is as if we did it.  These days, pornography is a scourge on the internet, when you watch people having sex, you are sinning.  You are polluting your soul (mind, will, emotions) and that can hurt you spiritually.  What Does God Think About Porn? The Bible is clear.  We MUST protect our eyes and ears.  At the same time,  how do we deal with the sexual desires that are built into us?  Do we deny that they exist and hope for the best? No, we need to recognize they exist and fulfill them in our marriages.  We have to tell our spouse we need fulfilment in them.

If you are masturbating all the time, you’ve got an issue.  However, both women and men (especially men) have sexual desires.  Men don’t have a menstruation cycle, but they certainly have a cycle of when their sexual desires are stronger each month.  The husband and wife need to understand that physical need and fulfill each other.  Masturbating can take a spouse’s desire away from their marriage commitment.  You want to fulfill your spouse.

Is It Right Or Wrong?

Masturbation is wrong.  Whatever you do, you need to listen to the Holy Spirit and be led.  If your conscience or the Holy Spirit convicts you about something you are doing, you need to stop.  Many Christians outright say that masturbation is wrong.  Why?  They feel guilty or dirty after they have done it.  Others say it’s okay because it is a safe way to release your sexual desires as opposed to going to someone for sex.  As a follower of Jesus, if you do something, what is your conscience telling you?

You need wisdom about anything?  Pray James 1:5 saying, “Father, I pray for wisdom.  What is your will and your way for me?  Please give me wisdom on how you want me to fulfill my physical desire for sexual intimacy”. The world wants you to live according to the lusts of your flesh.  It’s all about the physical.  For God’s people, it’s all about the spiritual.  We are told that “those who are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God” in Romans 8:14.  The deeper you go with God, the less power the desires of the flesh (your body) have over you.  Here are 5 Things A Christian Must Do Every Day To Be Strong.  Don’t let the world tell you how to live, BE LED by the Spirit of God!  You will never go wrong.

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