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Is Our Future Already Predestined With God? Are We Elected? Do We Really Have A Free Will?

Some people have read the Bible and gotten a bit confused by a word, predestination.  They have heard from someone else or might even have read places like Ephesians 1:3,4 that talks about how we have been chosen or predestined before the creation of the world. In other words, they conclude that those who will accept Jesus and have eternal life has already been decided.  God is infinite, but man is quite finite. Some read this and decide that it means that God has already decided who will accept Him and who will reject Him.  That is error, and in fact is a trick of hell to discourage people from seeking God.

No Time With God

We must remember God is not limited to time.  We are.  In fact, Genesis 6:3 says that humans are limited to around 120 years post-Noah’s flood.  God has no beginning, nor does He have an end. God does not wear a watch because He is not constricted to time.  He knows all and He is all.  God in is infinite wisdom knows the end of the story for those living on the earth. He knows those who will accept Him, and He knows those that will reject His grace in the last hour.

It’s Your Choice

Whether you accept Jesus as the Son of God and are made right with God or reject Jesus is your choice.  There is no other way to God but Jesus.  Only the Father God knows what you will finally chose in advance, but no one else knows.  Choosing Jesus is your choice.  Don’t let the enemy deceive you from receiving the eternal and abundant life that Jesus brought for you in John 10:10Receive Him now, you will NEVER be the same.


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