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Is The King James Version (KJV), The Only True Bible?

One very strange statement that has come up repeatedly over the years is that “the King James Version of the Bible is the only true version of the Bible”. It’s a nice idea, to have only one true version of the Bible. But for anyone who knows how God got the Word of God (the Bible) in our hands, you are surprised to hear that about the KJV.  That statement is uninformed as a little research shows all that the Bible was written originally in Hebrew and Greek, not English.

kjv_text_caligraphyThe King James Version Bible (KJV) is the most accepted English Bible translation.  Note, it is an English translation.  Also, note that it has been out since 1611 which is over 400 years ago.  The English language has changed quite a bit since then.  In addition, we have discovered more original texts and other Bible manuscripts in the original languages that allow us to amplify or expand on our knowledge of the Word of God.  We can now actually look up an English Bible word and see the original Hebrew or Greek word and it’s meaning. It is even more fun to study the Bible in our generation.
What About The King James Version?
The KJV is a beautiful Bible translation, but as you can see in our comparison of Bible translations there are  even better translations available today. We really like the New King James Version (NKJV), but if you want a more modern translation the God’s Word Translation (GWT) is one of our favorites.
If you hear or read somewhere about the KJV Bible being the only true translation, just ask yourself what is God’s language.  Does God only speak English?  Of course not!  The Old Testament was written in Hebrew and New Testament was written in Greek.  Does that mean He only speaks Hebrew?  Of course not!  God is not limited by any language.  As a matter of fact, when you receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit you either receive a heavenly language or some people have actually received an earthly language from somewhere around the world.  We seen people receiving the baptism and suddenly praise God in fluent Spanish and Nepalese.
Why So Many English Bible Translations?
There are many English translations of the Bible because people are always looking for the best possible translation of the Word of God in the most understandable vocabulary of the time.
Praise God for the KJV but don’t let anyone limit you to one translation.  You can learn more about Bible translations here.
Enjoy your Bible.  They better you know the Word of God, the better you shall know the God of the Word!

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