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Is There Such A Thing As Reincarnation?

Have you ever met someone from a religion that thinks we evolve from one life to the next?  Some groups think that you start out, as say a bug.  If you are a good bug, then you can be reborn as a dog.  Then if you are good when you die you can evolve and be reborn as a horse.  As a human, you can evolve to a higher level of human in each life.  If a human does evil, they think that you will be reborn, or ‘reincarnated’ as a beggar for example.  Although the explanation is over simplified, the idea of reincarnation is really illogical.  If everyone has these multiple lives,  then why does  no one remember their previous lives?

This idea of reincarnation binds people to a life of poverty as others assume that if you are born into a poor family.  Then you are just reaping the consequences of your previous life.  This is what is sometimes called your ‘karma’.  This way of thinking is a lie from the pits of hell because it condemns people to hard lives and denies the fact that God will deliver you if you repent and accept the work of Jesus the Messiah.  People with more resources don’t help those in need because the struggling are getting what they ‘deserve’ from their past lives… or so they think.  What does the Bible say about our incarnation, our lives on the earth?

Hebrews  9:27 says every human dies once and is judged.  There is only one life to live. You have to live it to the fullest and go for God and His Kingdom 100%.  There is no second chance, no second life.  If everyone is a birth and death cycle, why did Jesus the Messiah die and come back to life for us?

Once your spirit leaves your body, that is the end of your time in your ‘earth suit’ on the earth.  Without a body, you cannot stay on the earth.  When you are absent from your body, you are going to be present with the Lord or eternally separated from Him (2 Corinthians 5:8).  Ghosts are not long lost relatives, but demons trying to trick folks by sometimes doing impersonations of people we (and they) once knew.

What are you doing with your time on the earth?  Are you seeking His Kingdom or more focused on the job and career?  Are you putting time into your kids or spending more time with dinners with visiting executives or friends?  Are you telling people about Jesus the Messiah and His love for them or are you being silent?
As the “spirit-beings” God created us to be, we really have a limited time on the earth.  Since the flood, the Bible and doctors peg that at about 120 years that we can live (Genesis 6:3).  God wants you to live full and blessed, but not so you can get fat.  He wants you to be a blessing to others as His heart is to bless and care for His children.  There are so many people that are lost and dying around us.  Are you telling them about Jesus and what He has done in your life?

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