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Should Christians Cancel Church Services For The Government?

The Bible makes it very clear that believers are to obey the laws of the land. In fact, believers are to pray for their political leaders. Why? Probably so godly men and women, or at least those who will not work against God and the Kingdom, will be in political office and stay in national and local leadership positions. (Read more about Must Christians Obey The Laws Of Our Nation here)

The Cross At Dawn

We must follow the government. However, when that government begins to tell believers things to do things that are contrary to God, that is when Christians must agreeably disagree. How is a believer to know what is contrary to God and His thinking? We know God’s will by His Word, the Bible. 2 Timothy 3:16,17 says the Word of God is written by inspiration of the Holy Spirit by men and women of God. The Lord Jesus says in John 6:63 that His words are spirit and life.

What Are Examples Of Things That Christians Must Detest?
Believers can never accept the murder of innocent children in the womb. Otherwise the blood of these children is on their hands. Jesus people cannot compromise on God’s design of marriage. God has designed marriage as a beautiful relationship between one man and one woman. How is one to know what to stand against and what to support? It all comes to knowing the Bible. The better you know the Word of God, the better you shall know the God of the Word.

If the government tells you not to go to church, it’s time to think. In Hebrews 10:25, believers are told not to forsake the gathering together. Making it plain, Christians are to be in regular fellowship. In the book of Acts, believers met every day. One of the commandments is to honor the sabbath day and keep it holy in Exodus 20:8. The sabbath day was Saturday, now it is Sunday. Sunday is the Lord’s Day. Sunday is the day to gather believers together for teaching, preaching and healing. Teaching for believers, preaching for unbelievers, and healing for everyone. (Remember where sickness and disease come from here).

Watching an online service or recorded messages is good. However, nothing can replace the gathering of the saints. Fellowship is a must. Every decision you make should be made with prayer and consultation of the Lord. If your government tells you to miss a service, see what your spirit says as you commune with the Father. Once or twice might be bearable based on some true threat to the health and well-being of that community of believers. On the other hand, the church has the power of God that the world doesn’t. Healing is a part of our ministry.

If the government tells you to shut down your service, not talk to people, or anything else that prevents you from spreading the good news of the Kingdom of God and salvation through Christ Jesus, it may be time to say, I disagree as I serve God first not man or government. Just make sure you have the power of God in your services to heal the sick.

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