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Should I Attend A Bible Conference?

Knowing Jesus is an important part of our lives. We go to church every week. We attend the weekend services as well as participate in the Bible studies during the week. What’s the benefit to attending a 2 to 5 day Bible conference?

We know there are steps to being a strong Christian from Five Thing A Christian Must Do Every Day To Be Strong. Going to church is an essential part of growing as a Christian. People who don’t attend church every week are not prioritizing their relationship with God. We know from 1 Samuel 2:30 that those who honor God, God will honor. Those who take God lightly will not be regarded highly by the heavenly Father. When you are in church every week, there is no doubt about your hunger for the things of God.


For most believers, we can never get enough of God. Since Jesus founded His Church and the first Christians were baptized in the power of the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts 2, we have seen people getting together. Early Jesus people got together on Saturdays as that was the Sabbath day, or the “day of rest” in their culture. Over the 2000 plus years since the church has spread globally, the particular day of worship has changed a bit from region to region. Regardless, regular weekly meetings with other Jesus people (committed Christians) are essential to spiritual growth whatever day your church meets.

In addition to these weekly meetings, there are also holidays that we can celebrate Jesus. Christmas and the especially Resurrection Day (sometimes called Easter) are great days to have special meetings. It doesn’t need to end there. Many cultures in the developing world have this sense of working days and a certain number of paid vacation days. Other countries have times when nearly everyone is taking time off due to national holidays. This is a perfect time for believers to get together. A conference led by strong faith teachers of the Word Of God (people who really know the Bible and God’s power) is the best way you can spend days off or even a family vacation.

What Do I Get Out Of Attending A Conference?

When you attend a conference, you get a chance to sit under the anointed teaching of the Word of God. Picking an event where the teachers have strong faith that pleases God, as Hebrews 11:6 describes, will change your life. Many people come back tired from vacationing, but going to a Bible conference, you come back refreshed and fired up to live an inspired life filled with God’s direction.

When you attend a conference that is led by Spirit-filled Bible teachers, the Holy Spirit will speak to you while you are listening to their Bible teaching. God is personal and so are the words the Holy Spirit speaks to you as you listen. Romans 10:17 tells us the faith comes from hearing the Word. Hearing people preach the Word builds your faith. Immerse yourself in 2,3, or even several days of solid Bible teaching and you will come home a changed person filled with ideas, inspiration, and direction from the Holy Spirit. Through a conference you also get to know your brothers and sisters in Christ, fellowship with believers from other churches, participate in great worship through powerful worship music, see miracles as people receive physical healing, and many other things.

How Do I Pick A Good Bible Conference?

  • When going to a conference pick somewhere that first and foremost has Holy Spirit-filled teachers who teach the Bible like Jesus does in Mark 1:22. There are many people who proclaim to be Bible teachers but don’t have authority or anointing.
  • Find a location that is convenient to get to for you.
  • Endeavor to get a conference that has something for kids as well
  • Costs should be minimal to get into the event but plan on blessing the organizers of the conference with an offering so they can cover the venue costs, giving to the speakers for their work, and reach more unbelievers or new believers through the event (your tithes should stay in your church where you are being ministered to, offerings are above and beyond the tithe).
  • Don’t go to a conference just for the music, the teaching is key. Therefore you want to make sure the teaching is inspired by the Holy Spirit and rooted straight in the Word of God (the Bible).  Some conferences can be confused with people of very different levels of faith or mixed messages.
  • Enjoy yourself. Listen to the messages and ask the Lord to speak to you as you soak in His Word and the preaching thereof.  Be open.

Conferences are a great way to build your faith. When you find a good meeting, be a part of helping to make the meeting a great success.


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