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Should Parents Spank Or Discipline Their Kids?

Yes! Proverbs, the book of wisdom in the Old Testament, teaches that a parent who does not discipline their child hates that child.  The world has gone to the other extreme.  They say that you should never touch your child or verbally scold them. What else does the Bible teach on spanking and discipline?

High Levels Of Foolishness

The Bible tells us that when we are young, our hearts are filled with foolishness in Proverbs 22:15.  Any honest person will admit that when they were younger, they did a lot of stupid things.

King Solomon, in Proverbs, says if you want to your child to grow up to be a successful person you’ve got to discipline them.  Yes, it is the parents’ responsibility to discipline their children.  (Teachers at schools are not the ones to raise our children).  The world would have far less, self-centered, self-serving, people if just more parents would fulfill their responsibility of raising their children to be contributors to society.

Discipline Your Children

Disciplining your children really varies with the child.  Some children can be set straight mostly by verbally correcting them.  Others need a physical reminder that they did wrong.  Proverbs 13:24 talks about ‘the rod’.  In our day, the logic is the same.  Sometimes children need a spanking.  A spanking is always on their buttocks because that’s where they have padding and it will not hurt or injure them. The rod is some neutral object and never the bare hand of the parent.  Some parents use rulers, shoe horns, or even horse whips that make a lot of noise but don’t really hurt that much.

Here are some simple guidelines for disciplining your children

  • A parent should never discipline their children when they are mad, upset, or in the heat of the moment.
  • Discipline should NEVER hurt a child or involve punching or hitting
  • The best form of disciplining small children is spanking their buttocks area
  • Spanking is using a neutral object that will not hurt the child, just
  • Discipline should always be proceeded with an explanation of what the child did wrong
  • As a child grows, there should be less and less need for spanking
  • Older children need to lose privileges as a form of discipline (such as not going out with friends, losing allowances..)

Discipline is something we all need to learn.  Great kids are the product of great parenting.  The best people in the world are invaluable thanks to the efforts of their mothers and fathers.  God loves us more than any earthly parent.  He wants us to be disciplined, but we must know Him first.  Do you know Him?

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