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To Be A Christian, Do I Have To Go To Church?

Is going to church a part of being a Christian?  This is a common question to ministers from people who usually aren’t going to church regularly or can’t find a church they like. Sometimes and in some locations, it’s is hard to find a Spirit-filled, Bible-believing, strong faith, and passion for God, filled church.
Is It Really Necessary To Go To Church?
church_crowd_hands_raisedLet’s rephrase this.  To be a great musician, do I need to practice my instrument?  To be physically strong, do I need to go to the gym?  To have a great marriage do I need to spend time with my spouse?  To be a doctor, do I really need to go to medical school and regularly renew my license? The answer to all these questions are easy.  Yes.  What you put into something is what you get out of it.  We say, YPI>YGO (what YOU PUT IN, is what YOU GET OUT).
If you put nothing into your relationship with God through Jesus, then you are going to get nothing out because you will have no relationship.  In James 4:8, God challenges you, draw near to Him, then He will draw near to you.  YOU have to pursue.
There are some places in the world where there are no churches. A better way to see it is, there are some places in the world where you may need to be a part of starting a good church.  However, if you look even a little, you will find Spirit-filled, strong faith churches around the world in nearly every place.
What Does God Say About Going To Church?
The Bible says, we must not neglect going to church and fellowshipping with other believers in Hebrews 10:25.  That’s pretty clear, if you want to be a Christian you must be in Church.
Church is like a spiritual gym.  If you want to be strong you must use and exercise your faith muscles.  The only way to get strength is to use what you have.  Everyone has the seed of faith, will you sit on it or will you exercise it.  Will you make it grow into a huge tree with deep roots or will it just remain a seed in a drawer somewhere?
If you think you are a Christian, and not going to church, there is a problem. It may seem harsh.  It is very doubtful you are truly saved or even a Christian because you don’t honor God first and foremost.  You aren’t making an effort to draw near to the Lord of our salvation.  How can someone say that?
It’s easy to see people who don’t go to church are overwhelmingly not Christian because they don’t value having a relationship with God, with Chirst.  We know from Matthew 6:33, as Jesus told us to seek first His Kingdom and His ways (righteousness). Do it first!
What’s more important to you?  Your family, your spouse, your car, your sports team, your sleep, your pride… the list goes on and on.  Looking at Matthew 6:33 again we see when you honor God and His ways, all these other necessary thing for life come.
Consequences Of Forsaking God
By not going to church, you are showing God that your relationship with Him is not important to you.  Those who are in God’s House on the Lord’s Day are demonstrating that they love God, they love people, and they see changes in their lives.
As pastors we see tragedy, sickness, disease, financial difficulty, loss, heartache, disappointment, deviant children, and lack of growth in the lives of the people who never show up on the Lord’s Day.  They just come after the tragedy has hit and it’s too late.
Those who are faithfully at church every time the doors are open, experience God in a big way!  They see the miracles, experience the financial breakthroughs, have children who are not rebellious, live healthy and strong, get answers to prayer, have deep and lasting friendships, have model passionate marriages… This list goes on and on as well.  People who go to church are blessed in every area.
God wants you blessed. Time to seek Him first.  Do you know Him?  This is how you do it.  Have you been baptized in His power?  Go all the way.
To be a Christian, YES, you have to go to church.  However, it’s not a “have to” when you know Jesus, Christians “love to” go to church.  The Lord’s Day is the best day of the week!
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