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What Affect Can A Bad Movie Have On Me?

Throughout history, people have done different things for entertainment.  Games outdoors, board games, cards, competitions, various sports, and many other things.  Over the years, entertainment has changed. In past civilizations, people acted out plays and skits in large halls and open theaters built in acoustically superior locations on mountain sides, hills, and near bodies of water.  Actors and actresses acted out story lines live, to a live audience.  With the invention of film and recording of images into a video, actors no longer had to do live plays but were able to record their dramatic efforts and show these recordings multiple times, in multiple locations, any time they wanted.

The days of live entertainment in music are still with us, however plays and theatre has lost out to the motion picture or film industry.  A theater has become a place filled with seats that shows a movie at predetermined times.  Movie making has become a very successful business for those movies that draw many viewers to theaters.  Many times, movies have become more and more about making money and less about creativity.

How Can Watch We See Influence Us?

Many people have seen a scary movie and it’s very hard to ‘erase’ those images from our minds.  Most films these days have some type of sex or profanity (What’s Wrong With A Little Profanity?) threaded into the story line.  Many of iust think, we’re an adult, we can take a bit of bad language, immoral scenes, or compromising imagery?  The Bible tells us in Proverbs 4:23 to protect our hearts.  We like to say the human heart is both our soul and our spirit.  Remember the human is a three part being, spirit, soul, and body according to 1 Thessalonians 5:23.

How Hell Attacks

The enemy attacks us through our soul (mind, will, and emotions).  That comes through the gateways to us which is our eyes, ears, and other senses.  What you exposure your soul to is what is going to develop there.  It’s just like the old film cameras, you expose the film to light and whatever the film is exposed to develops there.  Jesus tells u in Matthew 10:28 not to be concerned about those who can kill the body but about our ‘soul’.  Remember we’re supposed to guard ourselves, not to be deceived by the enemy or the world.

Movies and music are a tool the enemy uses to indoctrinate people.  You become what you think.  You may know God’s take is sex is for married couples, however if you fill your mind with the world’s movies, your moral standards are going to weaken.  Sex will go from intimacy between a husband and a wife, to some physical activity people do when they “date”.  People who do not protect their bodies will pay the price both physically and in the day of Judgment.

These days, there is so much violence in movies.  People hitting others, shooting at others, or not treating people around them with the respect they deserve.  The world is becoming more and more hellish through these motion pictures as viewers eventually mimic the actions they see on the screen years, months, or even days later.


What you put in to something is what you get out of it.  We say YPI>YGO.  In other words, you put in, you get out.  If entertainment for you is watching actors play out a story, you better make sure what story they are playing out.  We must make sure of what we are exposing our spirits to.  What we see, hear, listen to, think about… it all plays into what we come.

It’s alright to watch a movie, but just remember you are usually giving two hours of your life to that story.  If it’s immoral, vile, wicked, or just risqué it’s better to turn it off than expose your spirit to that trash.

There are a lot of great movies out there.  With all the information we have at our fingertips through a quick bit of research, it’s better to read about a movie before you go to see it.  Remember, by paying to see a movie you are telling the producers that you approve of their work and encouraging them to make more.  See the Holy Spirit with you when you are watching or listening to something.  If you can’t show what your watching to God, then it’s better to look for something else to do.  We an all be encouraged by Five Steps To Being A Stronger Christian. 


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