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What Is The Meaning Of Easter?

Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. It is the most important holiday to Christians (followers of Jesus) as without Easter, there is no reason to be a follower of a dead man.  Thousands of people proclaimed the good news of the Kingdom of God after seeing Jesus three days after his horrible crucifixion death at the hands of the religious Jews and the Roman rulers of Israel at the time. They saw Him alive and well and meeting with them in person.  People were rejoicing!

Resurrection Day was no unknown event.  Jesus repeatedly said He would rise on the third day.  He proclaimed that He would die on our behalf so we wouldn’t have to.  His death was in our stead to make us right before God.

Why the name Easter?  People don’t really know.  Some have proposed that Eostre may have meant “the month of opening” or that the name Easter may have arisen from the designation of Easter Week in Latin as in albis.  Present day followers of Jesus (Jesus people, Christians) have come to commonly call the celebration of the Lord Jesus Christ’s resurrection as Resurrection Day.

Jesus is risen!

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