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What Does God Think About The Transgender Transsexual Confusion In The World Today?

For most people, it doesn’t seem to be an issue, however as we approach the coming return of our Lord Jesus Christ there are a lot of confused people. We’re getting confused messages from bad leadership, both political and religious.  As a follower of Jesus, we love God first and foremost, and because of that love and passion for God, we love people as well.  It’s all about relationships and nothing to do with religion.  There is no confusion with God.

The Enemy
There is an enemy who wants to confuse us.  John 10:10 says the enemy (the devil and his sorry crew of demons) wants to kill you, steal from you, and destroy you and all you have.  They want to kill you and take you down with them so you cannot be with God for eternity.  The enemy wants you to make the wrong choices and be eternally damned like them… separated from God.

In the book of Job, we see the detestable mission exactly.  Although, there was fear in the man Job that eventually gave the enemy a foothold to attack (Job 3:25), Job did love God, and the Father wanted to protect Job.  The enemy came by attacking Job’s family through others, but in the end Job got back even more than the enemy had stolen from him as Job recovered and remained faithful to the Lord.

The enemy wants to steal from people today as well.  They (satan and his sorry bunch of demons) want to confuse you.  They want to make sure you don’t discover who you really are.  They want you to get hung up on things that don’t matter so they can distract you from the things that matter and reaching your full potential.

You Are Made In God’s Image
Made_His_ImageIn Genesis 5:2, we see that God made humans.  He made us either male or female.  Humans are different from animals because we are made in His (God’s) image.  God loves you so much and He has a plan for you.  He made you as a male, or he made you as a female.  God is not confused.

People who have desires to be the opposite sex have suffered many things.  With today’s technology, they are able to alter their bodies physically and by using drugs can try to become the opposite sex.  They desire to be the other sex because they think it will fulfill them.  The trouble is even after getting a doctor to change their gender people can a transgendered person feel the fulfillment they were looking for? The answer is no.

Only Your Relationship With Jesus Will Fulfill You
The enemy wants to distract us with trying to fulfill ourselves through trying to get more things, riches, distracting hobbies, building a company, sexual activity, drug abuse, taking trips, and all sorts of things.  Like these things in excess, changing your gender by trying to change yourself physically will not fulfill you or satisfy you.   God created you male or female for a reason.  He has amazing plans for you!

Don’t be deceived by the enemy who is trying to steal from you and destroy everything you are.  If you don’t know Jesus yet, start here.  You’ll never regret it and can really learn how to be fulfilled, blessed, and happy with yourself.  The way God made you.


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