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What Does The Bible Say About The WOKE Movement?

The Bible says a lot about many topics.  Each generation of people have their generational music, their arts, their businesses, and of course their trends.  Going WOKE or ‘woke’ is a term for a way of acting and thinking.  WOKE (or WOHK )is a term initially intended to mean “alert to racial prejudice and discrimination”.  It has evolved to include identity politics, racism, cancel culture, and social justice.  WOKE has been taken to extremes.. What exactly really is WOKE?  Is WOKE a religion?  Let’s find out. 

Below are some of the characteristics of ‘woke’.

  • Strong support for homosexual or asexual relationships and promiscuity
  • Frequent ‘virtue signaling’ or broadcasting and self promotion of things that the person sees as good
  • Promotion for the environment above all other issues (and even people), whether real issues or just perceived issues.  Carbon trading, EFTs, sustainability taken beyond being good stewards of our environment.
  • Suppression of any point of view that is not in agreement with the held position regardless of the facts or truth.
  • Attack on the nuclear family made up of a husband, wife who are responsible raising positive children that will later contribute to society.
  • Pushing youth towards sexual change surgeries, transition drugs, and other damaging actions towards their personal development from how they were created.

There are many other things that we can add to what we see in this WOKE movement is, or was.  However, fundamentally it has been a outward demonstration of what people believe.    Woke is a religion. People trying to tell others how good they are. Religion is hypocritical and the Lord Jesus calls out religious hypocrites (Matthew 23:13). Knowing God is a personal relationship not religious traditions of men.

WOKE thinking announces money that you have given to a certain cause, work you have done for people, and is very self-centered.  In fact, Biblical speaking it is self-righteousness because WOKE is advertising to others how ‘good’ you are.  Humanly speaking, it is a fleshly desire to get recognition from peers.  In Matthew 6:2-5, the Lord Jesus tells us not to broadcast our God works.  If you do, you’ll just get worldly attention, but not the thanks from the Father God in His Kingdom.  Do things for God’s attention.  After all, God works done for human attention are like useless dirty rags before.

Again, WOKE is a religion to some.  It teaches people to broadcast whatever they do, promote sexual sin, to worship the environment, to persecute people who do not buy their thinking., and to doubt God and His Kingdom. WOKE is a religion that will bankrupt those who worship it.  Go WOKE and go broke.  Putting anything above God is a recipe for disaster no matter how good intentioned it started.

God wants to fulfill the desires of your heart in life (Psalms 37:4).  Check out-Does God Want People to Be Rich and Prosperous

The Woke movement is all about promoting yourself and activities that give us a false sense of righteousness, self-righteousness. There is no goodness in man alone without God. In fact the Bible teaches us, to be dead to sin and to be alive (WOKE!) to God (Romans 6:11). That means don’t follow the fads and trends of the world, but follow God with all you’ve got. He promises that you if seek Him, you will find Him (Matthew 7:7, 8 and James 4:8). Be ALIVE to God and the things of the spirit, you will never be the same!

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