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What Is “No Fault Christianity”?

No fault Christianity is another way of describing Dark Ages Mentality (article here). This is the flawed concept that God has everything in control on the earth right now. The idea that whatever happens is somehow God’s will, and that poverty is next to godliness.

This teaching came from the early Catholic Church leaders (What’s Wrong With the Catholic Church HERE ) who wanted to hide the Word of God from their church members and discourage them from reading or understanding the Bible for themselves. No fault Christianity is an easy escape from being accountable for your own actions.
The Bible tells us that when we pray things happen (Mark 11:22-25), when we don’t forgive others we are not forgiven by the Father, that when we speak to the elements they will obey us (JESUS speaking to the wind Mathew 8:23-27).


With no fault Christianity, you can blame God for whatever happens to you. You can shrug off failures and disappointments despite your mediocre relationship with God. Sickness and disease can be relegated as some deeper will of God. That drinking alcohol (booze) and being hampered or intoxicated is fine as Paul told Timothy to have a little for his weak stomach. (What’s wrong with Christians drinking a bit of alcohol?). This is all counter to what the Bible says. If you want to know God, the key is reading the Bible.

No fault Christianity is a foothold (Ephesians 4:27) that a believer can give to the enemy and forces of hell to neutralize their spiritual growth and life overall. Once a demon of depression, alcoholism, sexual sin, or something else gets slightly into believes lives, they try to take more group. It’s time to break free from NFC (No Fault Christianity)!

If think you may have been infected by No Fault Christianity, pray this prayer.

Father God, I love you. I thank you for loving me. Father, in the mighty Name of Jesus I pray, help me to see if there are any corrupt ways in me. Help me to renew my mind according to Your word. In Jesus’ Name I denounce no fault Christianity in my life. I refuse to conform to this world and it’s twisted thinking and acting. From today, I will read Your word, I will spend time in your presence, I will make sure what I think lines up with what You think. I thank you for your goodness and revealing Your true plan, and Your deep love for me. In Jesus’ Name I pray, AMEN!


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