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What Is Dark Ages Mentality (DAM)?

Dark Ages Mentality (or DAM) is a concept to describe teaching that has been used by religious people in Christian and other churches to try to control people.  Dark Ages Mentality is a way of thinking that takes people out of the the abundant life that Jesus promises those people who follow Him in John 10:10. DAM puts people back into the bondage of what they lived in when they did not know God.  The three ‘tenents’ of DAM are the errant beliefs that

  1. Whatever happens to you in life is somehow God’s will.  Therefore you should just accept it.
  2. Poverty is next to godliness, so you can therefore not be rich or affluent
  3. Sickness comes from God to teach you something

These statements are false.  Again, all three of the above statements are contrary to the Bible and the teaching of Jesus the Messiah.  The Lord Jesus compares the Word of God to  seed in the parable of the sower in Matthew 13:1-12.  Religious people may act as if they know God, but in the truth of the matter they are just there to steal people’s seed faith and get them caught up in religion which the Bible describes as the “traditions of men”(Colossians 2:8) not relationship with God that Jesus created for humankind.

In dispelling the 3 tenents of Dark Ages Mentality, you just have to apply the Bible to see what God’s truth really is.  For example, if whatever happens is God’s will, why did Jesus teach us to pray, “God’s will in heaven and on earth in Matthew 6:10 as He taught what is called the Lord’s Prayer?

Secondly, if godliness is something that is so bad that it makes you struggle to live, why were so many Bible characters blessed by God in their lives.  Daniel, Joseph, Abraham, Moses and even Jesus had a treasurer (Judas) who was stealing money while the outspoken leader Peter didn’t notice (John 12:6).

Finally, we must ask ourselves is sickness something positive, or is it negative experience?  Of course, it’s negative.  There is no mentally competent person who wants to be sick.  Is there any sickness or are there any hospitals in heaven?  No there aren’t.  If we are to pray God’s will be done on earth as it is in Heaven (Matthew 6:10) then why should we accept sickness as something from God?

When people think about it,  we know from Luke 11:11-13 that God is our Heavenly Father who wants to give us GOOD things, because He is good!

Don’t let a hint of  Dark Ages Mentality into your life.  It is just the enemy using people to deceive you into going the enemy’s way and becoming ineffective for the Kingdom as your sick, poor, and beat up spiritually.

God wants you blessed so you can be a blessing!

**Dark Ages Mentality was a word of the Lord given to Spencer Patrick in 2004 to summarizes the deceptions some believer have been infected with that minimizes their power to positively influence people for the Kingdom of God,


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