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What Is The Earth Lease?

Many religious people and even some Christians say, “God is in control”, when some tragedy, disaster, or other event that they don’t understand occurs.  As a Bible-believing Christian, we understand the “God Is In Control” thinking is just a result of thinking that doesn’t understand God and how He created and set this earth in action. You can read “If God Is In Control, Why Is The World Such A Mess?” here.  To know God, we must know His Word.  In other words, those that don’t know the Bible, don’t know or fully understand God.

The Earth Is God’s

Psalms 24:1 tells us that God owns the earth and everything in it.  No honest human being would debate that they really don’t own anything because it will all remain here when their spirit departs their body to go above or below.  We understand God is the owner of this earth and Psalms declares that.  However, Psalms 115:16 brings more to light about the earth we live on.  We are told that the earth is God’s, BUT He has given it to the sons of men.  God has given the earth to men.. to humans.  Even in the New Testament of the Bible in 1 Corinthians 10:26, we see that the earth is owned by God.

Rental House

When you rent a house, you don’t own the house. Renting the dwelling gives you control over the place for a time.  There is still a owner around.  Hopefully not living with you in the house!  For that house, for the period of time that you are renting the place, you have authority over that property and can really do as you please.  You can put up pictures on the walls, decorate the interiors, and arrange things the way you like.  Renting a house does not mean you own the place.

God owns the earth, in Genesis 1:26 God gave us dominion over the earth.  He still owns the earth but like any landlord, He has given the place to us for a time.  What God controls is perfect, that is why Heaven is perfect.  The earth will be changed, but right now the earth is a mess because mankind received authority over the earth.  We lost authority of the earth when the enemy deceived us in the Garden of Eden.  The earth has been leased to humans, hell is constantly trying to reek havoc on the earth and humans need to do a better job of taking care of our environment.  The earth has been leased to us.

Like any lease or rental, there is an end to the contract.  In the end, those who know Jesus will continue will live with God.  Those who have rejected Jesus will have no way to get into relationship with our awesome heavenly Father, the Creator of Heaven and earth.  Do you know Him?  Meet him now.  Are you filled with His power so you can help rule and reign?  Receive God’s power now through the baptism of the Holy Spirit now.


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