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What Is the Inner Witness For Christians?

Humans are three-part being.  We are spirits that live in bodies and have souls.  Our souls are made up of our mind, will, and emotions.  We know this from 1 Thessalonians 5:23.  Once you understand this Bible concept, you understand yourself better.

Your spirit and soul is you.  They are inseparable.  Your body is just your shell.  God leads you by His Spirit through your spirit (Romans 8:14).  Your conscience is the voice of your spirit.  Those who don’t listen to their consciences get dirty, distracted, and deceived.  Those with a dirty conscience cannot hear the Holy Spirit as their spirit is blocked by their unclean conscience.

Be Strong

God wants to speak to you every day.  Here are 5 things you must do to be a strong believer.  When making a decision you must learn to listen to your conscience.  At the same time, the Holy Spirit lives in you (Romans 8:9).  If you want to minimize mistakes and learn to make right choice you must follow that leading of the Holy Spirit which is also called the inner witness.

The Inner Witness, The Holy Spirit Go Ahead

If you want to buy something but the Holy Spirit doesn’t give you the go ahead to buy, then you don’t buy.  If you want to decide on whether to move someone or not, you better have the inner witness or inner confirmation from the Holy Spirit about what you should do.  If you do things by your own power, it is slow, tedious, and many times ends in failure.  When you do things led by the Spirit of God who has confirmed that you should make a certain decision by the inner witness it is so much easier.  Everything just comes together.

When you make decisions as a Spirit-filled believer, make sure you have that inner witness.  You will have peace about the project. If you don’t have anything, don’t do anything related to your plan until you do.

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