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Question Holy Spirit

What Is The Moving Of The Spirit?

If you have ever experienced the move of the Holy Spirit, it is something you will never forget.  The Holy Spirit is not a ‘force’ or thing, He is God and is here with believers on this earth.  He lives with us and in us.  We must receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit to be able to walk daily in His power and hear God’s voice clearly.

The moving of the Spirit is exactly that, the moving or the actions of the Holy Spirit among believers and their reactions. When the Holy Spirit moves there can be various manifestations (after all, He is God). Some examples are

  • Angelic voices heard when the church is worshiping
  • A cloud descending on the people bringing a sense of awe and holiness to the gathering
  • People being suddenly healed
  • People shaking under the power of the Holy Spirit
  • Believers speaking a message in tongues (or praying in the Spirit)
  • A prophetic word given to the people by one of the leaders
  • The Holy Spirit giving words of knowledge or words of wisdom that encourage or convict those in attendance
  • People sensing a need to kneel down and get their faces to the floor
  • People singing in the Spirit (singing and playing unrehearsed impromtu songs)
  • People collapsing or falling to the floor
  • Others may see visions
  • Believers seeing into the spiritual realm and seeing more than just the physical people at any particular event.

There are no limits to the Holy Spirit.  The move of the Spirit is not something limited to one meeting, it may be something that continues over a period of time or may just be something that happens briefly in a prayer meeting or service.  It is something the Holy Spirit does through God’s people.

Some people try to mimic or imitate the things of God.  Others try to fake things or trick people.  If your pastor sees the fake, he will deflect from that.  However, that doesn’t mean we should stifle the move of the Spirit in our weekly church services.  The Holy Spirit is what makes every week so vital to our re-energerizing ourselves at our church.

The move of the Spirit is something all Christians need to experience, frequently.  How welcome is the Holy Spirit in your gathering?

Do you know Jesus?

Do you have God’s power in your daily life?


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