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What’s The Best Vacation For A Christian?

Society has really changed over the years.  A few hundred years ago, people worked to get food.  Every day was spent working to get food.  Years bygone had everyone growing their own food, raising their own livestock, and hunting their own game.  Now people have freedom, as work has become stable and food can be bought.  Thankfully, we now have the opportunity to take regular vacations as we all have more time.

Secular Vacations

The world tells us that going on vacation means going to a tropical island, hitting a casino (gambling our hard-earned money away), or going to some theme park or entertainment center is the way to go.  Many people go and enjoy their time, but usually come back tired and not really refreshed like they would like to be.

The Best Vacation

Going and enjoying a tour, a tropical beach, or God’s nature is wonderful, however there is one way to have a truly refreshing vacation.  Think ahead and find Spirit-filled conferences and meetings that last 2-5 days.  Then set aside the time to God to go be a part of the preaching of the Word.  There are some wonderful preachers and teachers that come together once a year with great worship services that are followed by strong faith-filled preaching and teaching.  There are conferences with great preaching back to back in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

An unbeliever doesn’t understand why you would want to go and sing songs to God and listen to 3-4 messages in one day but there really is something to it.  The Bible says, that God inhabits the praises of His people in Psalms 22:3.  We also know from Romans 10:17 that faith comes by hearing the Word of God.  What you will find is, as you sit under the teaching of the uncompromised Word of God (the Bible), the Holy Spirit will speak to you about things in your life.  It’s amazing what you get from God while you hear anointed men and women of God share under the direction of the Holy Spirit!  Things that are completely unrelated to the preaching may come up.

What’s the best vacation?

The best vacation a Christian can take is to find a great annual conference that will lift you up.  Most conferences have things for both kids and adults.  In addition to conferences for the whole family, you can build up your kids, by sending them to good church camp that gives them a chance to grow spiritually.

God Honors Those Who Honor Him

From 1 Samuel 2:30, we know that if you honor God, He will honor you.  Those who don’t care about their relationship with God will not have God’s attention.  Nothing is better than a God-centered vacation.  One word from God will change your life forever!

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