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Who Are Some Great Bible Teachers, Pastors, And Preachers To Listen To?

Your faith is built by soaking daily in the Word of God and listening to anointed preachers and teachers of the Bible (Romans 10:17). There are thousands of great pastors, bible teachers, evangelists around the world. But as everyone is human, they have no monopoly on God. Some teachers have great faith for healing, others signs and miracles, others may be great Bible history teachers. However, the absolutely most important thing is make sure the Bible teacher you are watching or listening to is baptized in the power of the Holy Spirit as the book of Acts chapter 2 illustrates. Some teachers are not always 100%

Preaching The Word

There are people teaching and preaching things from the Bible, but that doesn’t mean they have the power of God working in their life. In fact, the majority of Bible commentaries are NOT written by Spirit-filled believers and are therefore devoid of the inspiration that comes only with study the Bible and it’s author, the Holy Spirit as noted in 2 Timothy 3:16,17. (Read Why Should I Read the Bible? here).

Great Bible teachers are essential for the church of Jesus Christ. The church is people, believers, not a building. Jesus Christ, the Son Of God, has a ministry that continues with us. We are to teach, preach, and heal the sick (Matthew 9:35). Teaching is for believers and preaching with miracles is for unbelievers to see and glorify God. Over the generations there are many great Bible teachers. Unfortunately, there are some confusing teachers as well. The easiest way to pick them out is judge if they preach ideas and concepts based on the Dark Ages Mentality. It’s literally a dead give away.

As you listen to teachers, you have to have a Berean spirit. These Bereans are a group of believers in Acts 17:11 who were hungry for God. They would listen to the teaching and check the scriptures (the portion of the Bible they had at the time) to make sure the teaching was correct. We have to do the same. As we say about eating fish, you eat the meat but you’ve got to spit out the bones. You don’t have to accept everything every teacher says.

Who are some good Bible teachers to watch or listen to?
Below is a list of preachers and teachers that is not complete but we will endeavor to continue to update as appropriate. It’s a great start towards becoming a strong follower of Jesus as you listen to and read works by anointed men and women of God.

  • Kenneth Hagin Sr. – Solid Bible teacher. Probably one of the best sources for strong faith pure Bible teaching. Preached Mark 11:22-25 frequently as God told him to “teach my people faith”.
  • Andrew Wommack– Drafted into the Vietnam war could have been a bad experience for most people, but Andrew Wommack turned a horrible situation around. Surrounded by drugs and the sleaze of the world, Mr. Wommack used his time as a medic in a far away country to soak himself in the Word of God. He describes himself as a simple guy from Texas but he really exercises his faith. Back in the US, this Bible teacher has been studying and teaching the Bible for 50 years. He makes it easy to turn your life around too by offering his materials and teaching for free. Support this great ministry and the Charis Bible school.
  • Jesse Duplantis– A true evangelist with a joy like no other. This talented musician, business professional, can tell multiple stories at once that can wrap them up in our need for Jesus. He is probably one of the funniest but direct preachers you can find.
  • Charles Capps – Farmer turned real estate developer, turned preacher. Probably one of the best preachers on getting your mouth and what you say in line with God’s Word and see real results in your daily finances and believing the Bible literally.
  • Bob Yandian – The best Bible teachers of modern times. Yandian is a verse by verse teacher that clearly has spent hours with the Lord in study of the Bible and has an extensive library of teaching of OT, NT, character studies, and many other topics on his website.
  • Andres Bisonni– A young evangelist from Argentina that is traveling the world and preaching a very simple Kingdom Message. He was a medical student whom was called into the ministry. Ministers globally and records most in video.
  • Keith Moore – Served under Kenneth Hagin Sr. for years at the Healing School in Tulsa, Oklahoma on the campus of Rhema Bible Training Center. He left at the passing of Hagin. Excellent teaching series on marriage, prosperity, hearing the voice of God, and various other areas. All free. Started churches in Branson Missouri and Florida.
  • Rick Renner – Pastor of churches in Russia with an exceptional understanding of the Greek original language of the New Testament. Renner is an anointed preacher with very descriptive messages that help you understand the times and cultures.
  • Oral Roberts – Famous for his tent revivals in the 1950s. Simple messages that were followed by many miracles as he wasn’t afraid to pray for the sick. The miracles abounded. He made some awkward claims in his later years as he tried to save the University that bore his name from financial difficulties. However, no one can deny the power of God that worked in his life.
  • Finis Jennings Dake – Although there are no known audio or video recordings of this man of God, every believer must have a copy of The Dake Annotated Reference Bible in their Library for daily study. Truly Spirit-filled Bible commentary.
  • Kenneth Copeland – Very good teaching on faith, healing, prosperity and many other areas especially in his earlier years. He has been attacked by religious folk for years, but at 80+ years old, he continues to practice what he preaches.
  • Jerry Savelle – Probably the right hand man to Kenneth Copeland. His best message is “The Fourth Man”, an nearly perfect copy of Oral Roberts’ message of the same name. He also has good teaching on breaking the blessing blockers.
  • Nathan Morris– Son of a Scottish pastor who wandered away from God but came back to the Lord in a wonderful way. Not always a ‘strong faith’ preacher, but a man very knowledgeable of the Word of God who knows how to deliver an inspiring word.

Surely there are many other Spirit-filled men and women of God that we can add to this list. If you have other anointed Bible teachers that you would like to recommend for this list, please drop us a line here. More importantly,

Do you know Jesus?

Do you have God’s power in your daily life?

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