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Why Are People Becoming So Violent And Vulgar?

There have always been very violent people in the world.  We see war over the generations and see how bad people can really be towards others.  However, these days most developed nations have standing armies so there is probably less fighting now then there has been over the generations before us.  The difference between now and  200 years ago is media.  People have access to motion pictures, the internet, personal video, cameras, audio recording, and various other ways to record and project your music or your message around the world.

Working To Live

The first motion pictures came out in the 1880s.  The societal standards of the past have changed dramatically since the first recorded images were played back.  People used to cover the visible skin they showed, the way they talked was different, and what they did was different.  People spent much of each day working hard so that they could eat, feed their families, and have a sheltered place to live.  Entertainment was very limited and people just didn’t have time to play around as much as people do today.

Our generation has seen the scarcity of food problem overcome, and people aren’t working so hard just to live.  They have more spare time and have many more distractions than our grandparents.

Learning From What You Watch

People learn to talk based on the people surrounding them.  A person who grows up in a fishing society will have a different way of thinking and talking than a person from the mountains. Someone from a large city, will certainly see things different than one from a village.  Our vocabulary, accents, and topics were decided by the environment we grew up in.  There have always been people who have spoken intelligently and those who have spoken crude and uncontrolled.

Why Are People So Vulgar And Violent?

We are a product of our environment.  If you watch violent movies you too can easily digress into violence.  If you listen to foul language, you will eventually begin to say the same things and sound like the people, music, and videos you surround yourself with.  There is an end for violent and vulgar people.  We see that God wiped the human race off the face of the earth because they became so violent in Genesis 6:13.  Destruction of the violent and vulgar didn’t end at the Flood.

Our generation is heading the same direction that the lost people of the Pre-Flood earth were falling to.  A read of 2 Timothy 3:2 is a wake up call.  Will we followers of Jesus, the ambassadors of the Kingdom of Heaven, and stand for the lost people of this earth?  Will we humble ourselves, intercede, and speak peace over this earth, or will we let the forces of hell to continue to deceive and draw people into the same fate that awaits the demons?  Eternal condemnation is not God’s plan for people.

2 Chronicles 7:14 promises that if God’s people recognized the falling away from God of society, act, and pray for their generation the tide of violence and vulgarity can be turned.

Turn Off The Distractions

It’s time for believers to turn off the distractions of news, the internet, messaging, media and anything else that turns our attention from living the powerfully abundant life that God promised and Jesus demonstrated.  2 Corinthians 6:17 tells believers to come out of the world and be separate from their darkness.  It’s time for believers to realize that holiness is fearing God.  Fearing God means to hate evil and banish it from our lives.  That means watch the way we talk and act.  It all starts with us.

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