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Why Do Musicians, Artists, Actors And Other Famous Celebrities Die Young?

How many times have you heard of a famous singer, dancer, actor/actress, or other famous person die young. Most of these people seem to have more of everything that all the rest of humankind has. They have the fame, everyone knows them. They have the money to buy whatever they want and they buy big homes, expensive cars, airplanes, jewelry, and many other things. They have so much that you would think they would be satisfied and happy with life.  In reality, they are not.

Then one day, we get the news that they died in a vehicle crash, the died of overdosing on drugs or alcohol, or they may have even taken their own life. There are so many cases of  famous celebrities dying much younger than all the rest of us, despite having a much better life than ourselves.

Why do celebrities die young?

The answer to that question may have as many answers as there are people. However, no matter what you have if you don’t have a relationship with God, you will want more to be happy, and never be satisfied. As a human being who makes your relationship with God, Psalm 23:1 says you are not going to want anything. You will be super satisfied and blessed because you trust the Lord and He will provide everything and more, through your faith in Him.

In the historical Bible account, Jesus tells the story of a rich man and a homeless beggar by the name of Lazarus in Luke 16:19-31. This is not a illustration (or parable), but is in fact an actual story as some of the people involved, such as Lazarus, are named. The rich man had everything, but yet when he passed away to be forever separated from God. He didn’t change when he left his earthly body in death. He has the same domineering personality trying to control of Lazarus even post-death.

If you want to live a long and strong life, whether your rich and famous or completely unknown, you must put your relationship with God first and foremost. You can find out how to do that here Then the next thing you need is the baptism of the Holy Spirit of God. You will be filled with God’s power. You can find out how to be baptized in the Spirit here.

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