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Why Is It Dangerous For A Christian To Marry An Unbeliever?

If someone told you that being a Christian is a religious thing, they clearly don’t know God.  Being a committed Christian is all about knowing God.  He wants to have a personal relationship with you. 2 Corinthians 6:14 tells us that we are not to be unequally bound in a relationship with an unbeliever.

Jesus taught us to seek Him, His Kingdom, and righteousness first.  If a husband and wife are working on growing deeper with God together, their progress is quick. However, if a spouse in a marriage is unsaved, they will not be able to understand the Kingdom culture that we live in.  In most cases they will actually pull people away

What About Other Religions?

If a Christian were to marry a Catholic, a Buddhist, a Muslim, or any other religion you are compromising.  What you compromise to get, you must compromise to keep.  A marriage must be centered on a mutual love for God and both husband and wife knowing Jesus as your personal savior.  A major centered on Jesus is a major that can stand no matter what happens as there is a mutual commitment to Jesus and each other.

Just Don’t Do It

If you are seeing an unbeliever or a religious person, the best thing you can do right now is stop.  Pray that God will send people to help draw them into a relationship with God through Jesus and that the Holy Spirit would convict their hearts for need of salvation.  Do not compromise your relationship with God to keep a relationship with an unbeliever.  Marrying a religious person is even worse.  There are many examples of a Christian marrying a religious person and suffering for years after that.  Those believers just don’t grow spiritually and miss what God has for them as they’ve been distracted.

God Has A Life Partner For You!

God has a spouse for you.  Don’t rush and get tied up in some relationship with someone who doesn’t know Jesus.  You spouse is a part of your growth in the Lord and the most important relationship in the world is that relationship you have with God through Jesus the Savior.

Know Jesus TODAY.

Get God’s power in your life now.


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