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How Can I Stay Physically And Spiritually Strong? Enjoying Exercise And God

Staying Fit

Our generation is very keen to stay fit. We have fitness gyms in nearly every developed nation. Sports are very popular to both watch and participate in. People are keen to have the muscular six patch stomach even when they get to 50 years old. Guys like to walk around with big arms and chests in their tight t-shirts. There’s good to being physically fit. There is also some unnecessary pressure. Young women sometimes getting eating disorders where they don’t hold down the food they take in for worry of getting fat.

Staying fit is generally a good thing, but as a believer we need to keep a balanced life. It’s good to work out regularly. The doctor’s recommendation is to exercise to get your heart rate up for at least 20 minutes 3-4 time a week. However, there’s is more to being strong than just working out your body.

No matter how much you swim, run, or cycle if you are not in tune with God in your daily life, your physical strength doesn’t really matter. Physical strength may help a bit when sickness or disease comes, but in the end you can still get sick. In addition to physical exercise, believers must exercise their spirits. Remember humans are a three part being {more here}.  We are a spirit, who has a soul, and live in a body. Our spirt and soul, made up of our mind, will and emotions, are so close they cannot be separated (Hebrews 4:12). We, a spirit with a soul, live in a physical body. If your body is strong, it means a bit. The Bible says that exercise is good a bit in 1 Timothy 4:8. However, godliness, or having a strong spirit is more important.

Spiritually strong people are strong Christians. They operate in the gifts of the Spirit (more on gifts of the spirit here), they see miracles in their daily lives. When trouble comes, they are baptized in the Holy Spirit {see link below).

How Should A Believer Keep A Balance Between Spiritual and Physical Strength?

It is important to stay physically fit. People in the world tend to be carnal as they only think about the body. This is why staying physically fit becomes a ‘religion’ to some people.

Believers should avoid getting pulled into hours of endless efforts to stay fit. In the end, we leave our bodies behind anyways. The best way to keep yourself spiritually strong is to keep a balance between physical and spiritual strength building.

Match Your Physical With Your Spiritual Work Outs

If you are going to swim for 1 hour, go in your your prayer closet to pray for one hour, If you are going to run for 2 hours, spend time and read the the Word (the Bible) and wait on the Lord for 2 hours. If you’re going to lift weights for 30 minutes, pray for 15 minutes and read the Word or a Spirit-filled devotional for 15 minutes. Match your exercise time with your prayer time and see how strong you become in spirit.

You can find out more about how to be a strong Christian believer here.

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