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What Are The Nine Gifts Of The Holy Spirit, And What Do They Do?

Nine Count DownThe church is one of the most important things to the Lord Jesus the Messiah.  He said that the gates of hades (or hell) would not overcome His church. The church of Jesus Christ founding was put in motion with His departure from the Earth after His resurrection. However, the world-changing power was demonstrated by believers in Acts 2 when they were baptized in the Holy Spirit. They all received the gift of tongues as a sign of that Holy Spirit baptism.

The gift of tongues is for all believers. It is a distinct gift that had never been seen on the earth before until the church. In all, there are 9 total gifts of the Spirit. What are they and how do you define them?

1. The Word Of Wisdom- A word given at a certain moment through the Spirit disclosing the mind, purpose, and will of God for a specific situation.
2. The Word Of Knowledge- A supernatural revelation of information pertaining to a person or an event given for a specific purpose (usually having to do with a specific need).
3. Faith- Beyond our natural faith and saving faith.  Supernatural trust with no doubt regarding specific matters involved.
4. Gifts Of Healings- Healing performed by God through a strong faith person by the power of the Holy Spirit
5. The Working Of Miracles A manifestation of power beyond natural law.  Divine enablement to do something that cannot normally be done.
6. Prophecy- Divine disclosure on behalf of the Spirit prompting exhortation of comfort of things to come.
7. Discerning Of Spirits- The ability to discern the spirit world. Specially to detect the true source of circumstances or motives of people.
8. Different kinds of tongues- Gift of speaking in a language not known to an individual.  Acts 2:4-6
9. Interpretation of tongues- Interpreting a gift of tongues message from the Spirit when tongues is exercised in public for the edification of the church.

1 Corinthians 12:7-11
New Spirit-Filled Life Bible (Editor- Jack Hayford)

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