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Will God Accept Or Approve Of ‘Transsexuals’ or ‘Transgender’ People?

Whatever nation you visit, you will find people who are either male or female.  Men and women who join to create stable and secure families can nurture children. A strong family is the foundation of a strong nation. Recently, some in the secular world are pushing transsexual or transgender lifestyle as a choice to somehow become happy.  A transsexual is a person who has gone under medical procedures to alter their sexual organs to the opposite sex from how they were born. The procedure involves taking drugs that increase or decrease the biologic part of

The Bible does not talk specifically about transsexual people as the people of that time did not have the medical ability to alter the sex organs of a person to attempt to make a male imitate a female or vice versa.  However much like today, sexual immorality, sexual sin, and other dangerous sexual activity was an issue.  Sexual promiscuity was rampant in many of the cities of the early churches (Corinth being the most famous).  Sexual activity between family members, sexual fornication between unmarried people, and homosexual sin is a very big topic in the Bible. (Do homosexual ‘gay ‘or ‘lesbians’ go to heaven or hell for eternity? Find out here)

What About The Trans?

God has created every person.  Creation was a process God started when He designed procreation between a husband and a wife.  A couple comes together in intimate sexual intercourse, the seed (the sperm) and the egg unite and a child is born.  That is when the human being is created.  That spirit and soul, comes into that little body (remember we are a spirit, we have a soul, and we live in a body here)  God has created us, but the rest is up to us.  Especially after we reach the age of accountability and begin to make our own decisions.  God is no fool or confused.  If you are a male, God is the one who blessed you with that sexual gender.  If you are a female, that is God’s plan for you.  Again, the rest is up to you to fulfill that plan.

Why Would Someone Want to Change Their Sex Gender?

Without Jesus as our redeemer for our relationship with God (learn how to get right with God here) we are lost.  Everyone one must choose for themselves if they will follow God or the be pushed along by the world.  When you know God, you never question your gender because when you are connected to God you discover the fullness of being whom God created you to be.  For most, trying to change your sex is to a useless attempt to be happy.  One might say, ‘If I were just a boy I would be happy’… No whatever you do to your body will not make you happy.  Being the opposite sex will not make you happy. 

Knowing God and discovering the fullness of life and His abundance, THAT WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY.  Be happy with who you are, as God NEVER makes mistakes. But people make mistakes nearly every day.

Do you know Jesus?

Do you have God’s power in your daily life?

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